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Materials by Others

These are copies of webpages by other people. The headings link to notes about the original sources. A detailed list of contents follows.

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Materials by Walt Maner
From Computer Science Department at Bowling Green State University. Retrieved on 23 October 2000.
Topics are:
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Materials by James Hom
A list of readings about usability testing. Retrieved on 28 October 2000
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Materials by Alan O'Callaghan (from Matthew Dean)
From the Faculty of Computing Sciences and Engineering, De Montfort University. Retrieved on 12 November 2001.
Topics are:
[view MatthewDean directory]
Materials by Nick Gibbins
From the Department of Electronics and Computer Science at University of Southampton. Retrieved on 12 November 2001.
Topics are:
[view NickGibbons directory]
Materials by Simon Crowle
From the School of Design, Engineering & Computing at Bournemouth University. Retrieved on 09 October 2001
Topics are:
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Materials by J. Blustein
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