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About My Courses


The table below shows in which semester each course is (or was) taught.

I teach, or have taught, the following eight courses. Details about them are below.

When I know what books I will use in the next semester I list them below too.

About the Courses

CSCI 1107
Social Computing
It is also taught by other professors
INFX 1600
Integrated Informatics Studies: Foundations
The first time I ever taught this course was in the Regular (Sept. - Apr.) term of 2008/2009.   I co-taught it with C. Blouin and others.
INFX 2600
Integrated Informatics Studies: Foundations
The first time I ever taught this course was in the Regular (Sept. - Apr.) term of 2009/2010.   I co-taughtx it with N. Scrimger and others.
CSCI 3160
User Interface Design
K. Inkpen and I designed this course.  The course proposal from October 2003 (in PDF) is online.
Curriculum Resources:
It was also taught by K. Inkpen, and others
Almost everything I distribute to students in this course at the start of the course (on-line or on CD-ROM) so there is not much at the website for my CSCI 3160
CSCI 3171
Network Computing
I most recently taught this in Summer 2003
It is also taught by E. Grundke, E. Milios, N. Zincir-Heywood, and S. Brooks, and others.
Website for my CSCI 3171
CSCI 3172
Web-Centric Computing
I most recently taught this in Fall (Sept. - Dec.) 2009
It is also taught by N. Zincir-HeywoodN. Zincir-Heywood and I designed the course to replace CSCI 4173.
Website for my CSCI 3172
CSCI 4163
Human-Computer Interaction
The course has changed substantially since I most recently taught it in Summer 2002.
It is also taught by K. Inkpen, and others.
Homepage for my CSCI 4163
CSCI 4173
Web-Centric Computing
formerly Advanced Web Programming
I most recently taught this in Winter 2007
It is also taught by N. Zincir-Heywood
Website for my CSCI 4173
CSCI 6606
Human Factors in On-Line Information Systems
Homepage for CSCI 6606


In Which Semester Are They Taught?
Year Semester
Winter Summer Fall
2000 CSCI6606

2001 CSCI4163

2002 CSCI3171

2003 CSCI3171

2004 CSCI6606

2005 CSCI4173 CSCI6606

2006 CSCI4173 CSCI6606
CSCI3160 CSCI3160

2007 CSCI4173

2008 CSCI3160

2009 CSCI6606

2010 INFX2600 CSCI3160


2012 CSCI6606 CSCI1107

2013 CSCI6606 CSCI3160

2014 CSCI1107

2015 CSCI6606 CSCI1107

2016 CSCI6606 CSCI1107

2017 CSCI6606 CSCI1107
2018 CSCI3160 CSCI1107
2019 CSCI6606 CSCI1107
2020 ?
2021 ? ? ?
2022 ? ? ?
2023 ? ? ?
2024 ? ? ?
2025 ? ? ?
2026 ? ? ?
2027 ? ? ?
2028 ? ? ?

Year Jan. to Apr. May to Aug. Sept. to Dec.

Textbooks for Upcoming and Recent Semester(s)

Textbooks for Fall 2012/2013 (Sept.Dec. 2012)

CSCI1107 (Social Computing)
No required textbook
CSCI3160 (User Interface Design)
One of two required books and one recommended book:
Required (one of the following two)
  1. User Interface Design and Evaluation by Debbie Stone, et al.; Copyright 2005 by The Open University; Published by Elsevier as Morgan Kaufmann, with ISBN 0-120-88436-4.
  2. The Resonant Interface: HCI Foundations for Interaction Design by Steven Heim; Copyright 2008; Published by Addison Wesley Higher Education, with ISBN 978-0-321-37596-4.
Recommended (in any edition)
  • The Non-Designer's Design Book by Robin Williams; Published by Peachpit Press.

Textbooks for Winter 2012/2013 (Jan.Apr. 2013)

CSCI 6606 (Human Factors in On-line Information Systems)
No textbook

Book Reps

The following keywords identify books that I am particularly glad to receive for review (for courses and recommendations for graduate students):

Book and publisher's reps: please also see my textbook needs summary webpage.

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