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Intake Forms

CS 3171
Network-based computing
third-year undergraduate required course
mostly lectures
CS 4163
Human-computer interaction
fourth-year undergraduate optional course
mostly lectures and a group project
CS 4173
WWW programming
fourth-year undergraduate optional course
mostly lectures and assignments, one or two large projects
CS 6606
Human-computer interaction
optional graduate course
mostly seminar and a group project


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The various intake forms were inspired by those of other teachers. The earliest such forms that I saw were by Dave Chilson and Laura Leventhal (both of Bowling Green State University's Computer Science department). Ron Lancaster (also from BGSU's CS Dept.) introduced me to idea of using secret four-digit number to anonymously identify student's records. The CS 3171 (network-based computing) form is based on one by Ernst Grundke (of Dalhousie University's Computer Science faculty).

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