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Notation for Editing and Proofeading (by J. Blustein)

List of Notations I Use for Proofreading and Editing

List in PDF
List in Postscript

Instructions To Accompany the List

Instructions in PDF
Instructions in Postscript

Stamps for Adobe Acrobat

I often work with PDF files.  The list (in PDF and in PS) and instructions in PDF shows the stamps I use within Adobe Acrobat; the internal Acrobat files hIEuY6MOupe5Sz8uawMFmD.pdf and ppEw2_i5e5ZvGf0VVfg3vA.pdf together show all of the stamps.  Incidentally, if you want all of the images that I used to make the stamps, the easiest way to get them is to copy those two files.  The images I used to create the stamps are available as PNG files:


Please tell me if you find these material useful, or if you have suggestions for other materials I should host here.

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