CSci3130 Software Engineering

Winter 2013 

Andrew Rau-Chaplin (
Iain McCowatt
Oliver Baltzer

Adhikari Udaya Raj (
Quan Kong (

Class: Tues/Thurs 4:00pm - 7:00pm, Mona Campbell 1108
Office: After class or by appointment

Course Materials

Course Materials

Lectures (Under Revision):

  • Feb 28th: Assignment 3 posted.
  • Feb 20th: Active Inbox looks rather like a GTD implementation on top of gmail!
  • Feb 20th: Architectures 1 and Architectures 2 slides posted.
  • Feb 12th: Assignment 2 posted. Now due Feb 26th electronic submission.
  • Jan 7th: Assignment 1 posted
  • Feb 20th:rse schedule updated.
  • Jan 2nd: The textbook will be "An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering" by  Pankaj Jalote and should be available in the bookstore. Note: This text is not required. It is a good book and especially useful for students that learn by reading but is not required.
  • Official Outline: The class examines the process of software development, from initial planning through implementation and maintenance. A brief survey of available tools and techniques will be presented covering the topics of analysis, planning, estimating, project management, design, testing, and evaluation. Particular emphasis will be given to organizing and planning, team participation and management, top-down design and structure charts, system and information flow diagrams, walk-throughs and peer review, and testing and quality control.

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