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About The Class

The class meets Tuesdays, and Fridays from 4:05 until 5:35 p.m. in the Computer Science building's Auditorium (room 127).

Course description

From the Dalhousie Calendar:

CSCI 3172.03: Web-Centric Computing.
This course provides a solid grasp of core WWW technologies and a conceptual framework for understanding the development of the WWW and working with future web technologies.  The course explores interactive and non-interactive web applications built using various technologies and architectural models.  We explore the significance of Web design and programming concepts in terms of accessibility issues both from the perspective of Web robots and end-users.  Web caching, proxy techniques, and security issues are also discussed.
CSCI 2140 and CSCI 3171, OR INFX 2600 and INFX 2601
CSCI 3171 may be taken as a co-requisite

The Fall 2007–2008 version of this course will concentrate on hypertextual and user-oriented aspects of The Web.  The course will cover all of the topics listed in the Course Goals and Topics document.

Students who do not have a basic knowledge of databases, (X)HTML, CSS, and asynchronous client-server programming are strongly advised to get help (through tutorials, websites, and so on) to allow them to progress through this course.

Other Course Related Information

1. Syllabus
Syllabus (as a PDF file)
Appendix A: Statement on Academic Integrity
Appendix B: Swine Flu
Appendix C: Faculty of Computer Science Flu Policy (as a PDF file) (Also at <URL:>)
2. Goals and Topics for the course
in a separate document
3. Current grades
in order by the secret number you gave me on your intake form (as a PDF file)
4. Assignments, and
5. Test Information
are below

Assignments and Readings

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Readings and assignments are announced in class.  Updates and copies of those announcements may be posted here too.

Assignment #1: Apache Server

Assigned: 21 September
Due: at start of class on 30 September (Wednesday)
Details of assignment #1

Briefly: Install the latest version of the Apache server in your ~/bin/3172 directory and create a tiny website.  You will do later assignments using your own personal server.  Bring the port number to class on the due date.

Assignment #2: Interactive Multiplication Table

Assigned: 03 October
Due: at noon on 14 October (Wednesday)
Details of assignment #2

Briefly: Get input from the user with two different input methods (for example, from a form and from pop-up input boxes) and use that input to make a multiplication table.  Use CSS for formatting.

Assignment #3: An essay about Ajax

Assigned: 09 November
Due: at start of class on 23 November (Monday)
Details of assignment #3

Briefly: Write an essay in the form of a webpage (or small website) about the Ajax technology.  The detailed assignment describes the necessary parts.

Test Information

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Course: [General | Assig | Test ]

There will be two tests and a final exam.  No appeals of grades or addition errors for any test will be accepted two weeks after that test has been returned to the class.

The tests will be held during class time during November.  The first test will be on 04 November 2009. The date of the second test will be announced later.  They will cover all of the material in the readings and lectures before those dates.

Some Sample Questions

Final Exam Information

The final exam has been scheduled by the Registrar's Office.  It will be a three hour exam covering all topics we studied this year

You will be allowed to bring one letter-sized (8.5 × 11 inch) sheet of notes into the exam.


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