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Web-centric Computing

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Course homepage Accesskey Legend for major webpages (a separate webpage) Website search (part of homepage) This webpage Course administrivia (webpage) Lecture schedule (a webpage in the Course section) Course Syllabus (part of the Course section webpage) Course goals, topics, and some topic summaries (a webpage in the Course section) Current grades (a webpage in the Course section) Assignment descriptions (part of the Course section webpage) Test information (parts of the Course section webpage) Materials section webpage (Materials are supplied by the professor) Examples (webpages in the Materials section) Lecture slides and notes (a webpage in the Materials section) System Documentation (a part of the Materials section webpage) In-class demonstrations (a part of the Materials section webpage) Resources section webpage Software Resources (a part of the Resources section webpage) Readings (a part of the Resources section webpage) Websites Resources about selected topics (a part of the Resources section webpage) Course Announcements section webpage September announcements (a part of the Announcements section webpage) October announcements (a part of the Announcements section webpage) November announcements (a part of the Announcements section webpage) December announcements (a part of the Announcements section webpage)

Four main sections

Administrative details
detailed list of Course section contents (below)
Periodic notices
detailed list of Announcement section contents (below)
Learning aids provided by the professor
detailed list of Materials section contents (below)
Learning aids recommended by, but not provided by, the professor
detailed list of Resources section contents (below)


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Sections in detail

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Section: Course
Administrative Details mini map of course section
  1. Syllabus
    • Addendum: Statement on Academic Integrity
  2. General Goals and Topics for the course
  3. Goals for this version of the course
  4. Current grades
  5. Assignments
  6. Test Information
  7. tentative Schedule of topics from syllabus
Section: Announcements
Periodic notices close-up of mini map of Announcements section
  1. January
  2. February
  3. March
  4. April
Section: Materials
Learning materials provided by professor mini map of Materials section
  1. System Documentation
    1. Access Control Lists
    2. Debugging CGI programs
    3. Cookie Expiry Times
    4. Storage space
    5. Template for Perl programs
  2. Examples (form access)
  3. Demonstrations (links to external websites)
    1. CSS styles
    2. Some notable blogs
    3. Some notable wikis
    4. Sparrow Web: community shared web pages
  4. Lecture Slides and Notes (The following slides and notes are in a separate webpage.)
    • Background
      • Overviews
        • What Web-Centric Computing Is
        • WWW Basics
        • The Web Graph
      • History and Goals
        • Historical background of The Web
        • Goals of The Web's creators
    • Specific Issues
      • Audience on the WWW
      • Metadata and Information Structuring
      • Security and Privacy
      • Search Engines
    • Client-side Topics
      • HTML & XHTML Basics
      • Cascading Style Sheets
      • Accessible Markup
    • Server-side issues
      • The Web in network terms
      • Webserver implementation
      • Maintaining state
    • Server-side programming
      • Basics
      • Debugging CGI programs
      • Perl language
      • Servlets
      • Introduction to Databases and The Web
    • Proxies
    • The WWW in the world (WWW Applications)
      • security and privacy
      • search engines
      • metadata
      • database-driven websites / self-organizing community websites
      • web services an middleware
Section: Resources
Learning resources that are not provided by the professor mini map of Resources section
  1. Software
    1. Tools for constructing websites
    2. Tools for checking websites
    3. Tools for exploring network protocols
    4. Tools for working with browsers
  2. Readings & Videos
    1. Articles
    2. Textbook websites
    3. Tutorials
    4. Other references
  3. Websites
    1. WWW in general
    2. HTML and XHTML
      • Extensions
    3. XML
      • RDF,
      • RSS, and
      • Ajax
    4. Javascript
      • the DOM, and
      • Favelets
    5. CSS
      • Documentation,
      • Tutorials & notes,
      • Examples & templates, and
      • At this website
    6. User inteface issues
    7. Perl
      • Reference resources,
      • Programming resources,
      • Learning resources,
      • Examples,
      • Perl & CGI, and
      • See Also
    8. SSI
    9. CGI
      • Documentation,
      • Other CGI resources
      • About MIME types used in CGI generated webpages, and
      • Debugging
    10. Cookies
    11. Servlets
    12. HTTP
    13. Proxies
      • RFCs,
      • Sample code and commentary, and
      • Content-based proxies & labels
    14. Applications
      • Blogs
      • Vizualization of webpage and website structures
    15. Cross-references


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