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About The Class

A copy of the course description from the university calendar is in the course section.

According to the Registrar's Timetable the class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10:05 and 11:25a.m. in room C208 of the Life Sciences Centre.

The Fall 2009–2010 version of this course will concentrate on hypertextual and technical aspects of The Web.  The course will cover all of the topics listed in the Course Goals and Topics document.  The expected order of topics is listed in the syllabus.

Students who do not have a basic knowledge of databases, (X)HTML, CSS, and asynchronous client-server programming are strongly advised to get help (through tutorials, websites, and so on) to allow them to progress through this course.

About The Website

  1. The website is composed of these four major sections:

    administrative details about CS3172
    examples: syllabus, assignments and grades
    ordered by time, most recent ones first
    provided by the prof. to the class
    examples: list of example files and lecture notes
    like the materials, but not supplied by the prof.
    example: list of useful websites, and selected readings
  2. For a more detailed overview of this website go to the website sitemap.

  3. Provisions Of Legal Use

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    Unless otherwise noted, all content on this CS3172 website (including text, coding examples, lectures slides (in whatever format), and any other original works) created by J. Blustein is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This license does not extend to works that are attributed to others but appear at this website.

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