J. Blustein

CS4163: Human-Computer Interaction
(Summer 2002)

About the course

The class meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1:35 p.m. until 2:25 p.m. in Killam Library room 4106.

The syllabus and intake form are available in PDF format.

Information about the project and schedule is in a separate document.

If you want to allow me to use your assignments as examples in future courses then please complete the brief permssion form.

The final exam will be scheduled by the Registrar's office.


24 July (Wed.)
Course evaluation
19 July
Your final assignment was handed out in class today
10 July (Wed.)
Patricia Lindley's PowerPoint slides are available
08 July (Mon.)
New due date for testing strategies
Short talk by Patricia Lindley (Dal's Human Research Ethics Integrity Co-ordinator) about informed consent.
05 July (Fri.)
In-class discussion with guest (Dr. Inkpen) about: this course, the area of HCI as taught at Dal, and how this course is being taught this term.
26 June
Design Documents are due
20 June
Copies of Dr. Gregson's slides are now available
19 June (Wednesday)
Dr. Gregson (from Dal's Innovation in Design Lab) will give a special guest lecture
14 June (Friday)
Dr. Inkpen will show the Kegworth documentary today
There is an in-class exercise for marks today too.
12 June (Wednesday)
Dr. Inkpen will proctor your first test
09 June
The project deadlines have been changed. See the table of new due dates in the project section.
04 June
I won't have office hours today
31 May
Task Analysis due date changed to Wed. 05 June
29 May
New project groups have been posted


There are copies of lecture notes and pointers to other on-line sources further below.

Lecture Notes

Files with names ending with `.ppt'
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  1. Introduction and Overview

  2. Basic Psychological Factors

  3. Usability Engineering Project

  4. Drafts of other lecture notes are available through a cruder interface

On-line Resources

Heuristic Analysis

29 July 2002
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