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Lewis & Reiman's
Task-Centered User Interface Design

The book is copyright ©1993, 1994 by Clayton Lewis & John Reiman and is not free. Please read the shareware notice.

Three versions of the book are available:

  1. The original text-only version at ftp.cs.colorado.edu;
  2. An amended version (with an index, cross-references, etc.) at this site
  3. The original text in HTML at hcibib.org.

Below are details about the versions.

Amended Version

The amended version of Clayton Lewis & John Reiman's book Task-Centered User Interface Design: A practical introduction includes:

At this website

Important Shareware Notice
approx. two Kb
PDF version
Covers (for use when binding book)
approx. 44 Kb
as above but compressed with gzip
approx. 40 Kb
The book itself
approx. 1.0 Mb
formatted for American letter-size paper
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approx. 728 Kb
this file
all of the source files (in LaTeX format)
available by request only
LaTeX files:
  • two book versions (March 2004 and Feb. 2008) and
  • two cover versions (differing only by date)
  • revised assignments 0.1, 4.3, and 5.1
approx. 276 Kb
Revised Exercises in PDF
  1. Revised Exercise 0.1
    Looking for the Interface
  2. Revised Exercise 4.3
    Heuristic Analysis
  3. Revised Exercise 5.1
    Thinking Aloud

Original Text Versions

Text version of TCUID
at ftp.cs.colorado.edu
HTML version of TCUID
at hcibib.org


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