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Network Computing

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These materials are supplied by the professor for use during lectures. See also the resources which are available to help you to teach yourself.

  1. Errata

    text-errata.html in HTML format
    Corrections to Kurose & Ross (1e)
  2. Lecture Slides

    Slides for chapters 1, 2, and 3 are available now.

    See also the schedule.

  3. Topics

    1. Internet and Networks Overview
      Ch. 1 in Kurose & Ross
    2. The Internet Application Layer
      Ch. 2 in Kurose & Ross
    3. The Internet Transport Layer
      Ch. 3 in Kurose & Ross
    4. Distributed Computing
      From readings in Tannenbaum & van Steen Readings in Couloris, Dollimore & Kindberg
      CORBA example code []
    5. Network Security
      Ch. 7 in Kurose & Ross
  4. Assignments

    Reminder: To get a grade above C+ you must submit at least 60% of the assignments (even if they are late).

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