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You may jump to any of these months: May, June, July, or August.


07 August (Thursday)
9:00a.m. Exam in Life Sciences Centre, room 242


29 July (Tuesday)
See your e-mail for a message clarifying the clientCanSendMorePkt() function and discussing the waiving of the late penalty for assignment #4. The waiving of the late penalty is not exactly the same as an extension.
28 July (Monday)
An improved version of checksum.c is available for those who want to use it in assignment #4. The previous version had a potentially serious bug.
Assignment #4 has been updated:
  1. The error message about the unused terminate label has been eliminated,
  2. The frequently asked questions list (FAQ) for assignment #4 has been updated to reflect the new compile status,
  3. Several error and tracing messages were added last week (as I announced in class), and
  4. An undocumented function, that you were told not to use anyway, has been removed from the KRnet.c file.
Remember that the assignment #4 FAQ is updated often (but updates are not usually announced here).
25 July (Friday)
For Assignment #4: the final division must be done by hand because no single file has access to all of the values. You may print the values to standard output but the program cannot do the division. Out the results of a typical run in a comment at the top of your client.c file. The submission instructions have been updated to include this detail.
21 July (Monday)
Assignment #4 assigned (due 30 July)
09 July (Wednesday)
Test #2
07 July (Monday)
Several copies of chapters about middleware are available for free from the Infosesk (on level 2 of the Computer Science building). There are not enough for everyone so please ask for one only if you will use it.


25 June (Wednesday)
Assignment #3 assigned, due on 04 July
11 June (Wednesday)
Test #1
04 June (Wednesday)
Class resumes meetings in the Computer Science auditorium


31 May
Test #2 is tentatively re-scheduled for Wednesday 09 July (not Friday 11 July). Report potential conflicts to the professor immediately.
30 May (Friday)
Assignment #2 assigned, due on 09 June
26 May (Monday)
Class meets in the Tupper Building (Auditorium C) until 09 June
21 May (Wednesday)
Clarifications to Assignment #1
19 May (Monday)
No class today
16 May (Friday)
Assignment #1 assigned, due on 26 May
14 May (Wednesday)
Tentative test dates: Wednesday 11 June and Wednesday 09 July (not Friday 11 July). Report potential conflicts to the professor immediately.
07 May (Wednesday)
I might be late for office hours (I have an dental appointment in the morning)
05 May (Monday)
The new syllabus is online. Note the change in assessment component weights.

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