Masud Rahman, Ph.D.   
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University, Canada

"And say: My Lord increase me in knowledge." -(The Qur'an, Ta-Ha 20:114)

"You can go so far you can dream of and dare to ..."
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Short Bio

Dr. Masud Rahman is a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science/Software Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan. He was advised by Prof. Dr. Chanchal Roy. He also completed his Postdoc from the Polytechnique Montreal and was advised by Prof. Dr. Foutse Khomh.

Masud got featured at the (1) Department of Computer Science, the (2) University of Saskatchewan and the (3) Stack Overflow Blog

Software bugs are inevitable! With the rise of highly complex computation frameworks (e.g., Deep Learning, Cloud Computing), these bugs could be a nightmare both for software users and for software developers! Masud's research focuses on (1) better understanding the software bugs and failures and (2) developing intelligent, automated, and cost-effective software solutions for combatting them. He uses a blend of Software Engineering, Information Retrieval, Machine/Deep Learning, Mining Software Repositories, Natural Language Processing and Big Data Analytics in his research. To date, his works were published in several major venues of Software Engineering -- ICSE (A*), ESEC/FSE (A*), EMSE (A), ASE (A), ICSME (A) and MSR (A). Dr. Rahman has been awarded the prestigious Governor General's Gold Medal 2019, U of S Doctoral Thesis Award 2019, 2019 Best PhD Thesis Award, Dr Keith Geddes Award 2017 (PhD Student of the Year), NSERC Industry Engage Grant, and the prestigious President Gold Medal for his research excellence and outstanding academics. He has been serving as a reviewer for the top Software Engineering journals (e.g., TSE, TOSEM, EMSE, JSS, IST, SQJ).

PC Member : MSR 2021, SANER 2021, ICPC 2021, ASE 2020
OC Member :SCAM 2020, ICPC 2018, SCAM 2019

Message to Prospective Students: RAISE Lab is looking for multiple highly motivated, hard working PhD students with an evidence of research excellence and communication skill (e.g., writing). If you are enthusiastic about solving real-life Software Engineering problems and your credentials meet these requirements, please send your (1) CV (including major achievements), (2) BSc/MSc transcripts, (3) IELTS/TOEFL scores (more details), (4) sample publications, and (4) one-page summary of your past research excellence to masud[DOT]rahman[AT]dal[DOT]ca. The one-page summary should also include how your past experience might align with our research goals and interests. It should be noted that only potentially eligible candidates might be contacted for an interview due to a high volume of applicants. More details about the admission into Dalhousie University.

Breaking News


  1. November 2020: NSERC Discovery Grant proposal submitted!
  2. September 2020: Awarded TCSE Distinguished Paper Award 2020 for ICSME 2020 work!
  3. August 2020: One technical-track paper accepted at ICSME 2020
  4. July 2020: Officially joined Dalhousie University!
  5. June 2020: RAISE Lab website launched!
  6. June 2020: Joining Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University as a tenure-track Assistant Professor
  7. May 2020: Virtual visit to University of Calgary
  8. May 2020: Got Featured at the Department of Computer Science and the University of Saskatchewan
  9. May 2020: Awarded Governor General's Gold Medal, the highest academic award that a PhD student can achieve! [More Details]
  10. May 2020: Awarded Doctoral Thesis Award 2019 by the University of Saskatchewan (Physical & Engineering Science Area)
  11. May 2020: IVADO Postdoctoral Funding proposal on reproducing deep learning bugs submitted successfully!
  12. May 2020: PhD thesis was nominated for WAGS/ProQuest Innovation in Technology Award by the Graduate Awards Committee, University of Saskatchewan [National-Level Competition]
  13. April 2020: Virtual visit to Dalhousie University
  14. March 2020: PhD thesis was nominated for U of S Doctoral thesis award [University-Level Competition]
  15. March 2020: Awarded The Best PhD Thesis Award 2019 by the Department of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan
  16. March 2020: Business visit to Miami University
  17. March 2020: Two technical track papers got accepted at MSR 2020 with 29.70% acceptance rate.
  18. February 2020: My PhD Dissertation has been nominated for Best PhD Thesis Award at University of Saskatchewan
  19. February 2020: Business visit to Queen's University
  20. February 2020: Business visit to Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
  21. January 2020: Happy New Year! Two co-supervised works submitted to MSR 2020.


  1. October 2019: Submitted my NSERC PDF Proposal!
  2. October 2019: Joined Polytechnique Montreal as a Postdoctoral Fellow.
  3. September 2019: Defended my Ph.D thesis with a note of "the highest quality"
  4. July 2019: PhD Thesis draft submitted to the advisory board, waiting for the defense date.
  5. July 2019: Became a Canadian citizen!
  6. June 2019: Done with PhD Proposal, officially became a PhD Candidate.
  7. May 2019: Done with PhD Comprehensive exam
  8. March 2019: Awarded prestigious ACM SIGSoft CAPS for ICSE 2019, Montreal
  9. March 2019: Business visit to EECS, York
  10. March 2019: Two of our research track papers got accepted: one at MSR2019 and one at ICPC 2019
  11. January 2019: My paper has been accepted in the Doctoral Symposium track of ICSE 2019, Montreal, Canada
  12. January 2019: Business visit at University of Manitoba


  1. November 2018: Our paper has been accepted by EMSE:-) Pre-print is coming soon!
  2. September 2018: Our paper has been accepted by EMSE with minor revision :)
  3. September 2018: I have been invited to ROSE Festival, co-located at ESEC/FSE 2018
  4. July 2018: Our artifacts have been accepted at ESEC/FSE 2018
  5. July 2018: Our artifacts have been accepted at ICSME 2018
  6. June 2018: Our paper at ICSME 2018 has been nominated for TCSE Distinguished Paper Award :)
  7. June 2018: Our work on query reformulation for bug localization was accepted at ESEC/FSE 2018, FL, USA
  8. June 2018: Our work on query reformulation for general-purpose code search was accepted at ICSME 2018, Madrid, Spain
  9. April 2018: Our work on query reformulation for code search, RACK has received a major revision from EMSE
  10. Feb 2018: Our poster on query reformulation for bug localization was accepted at ICSE 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden


  1. September 2017: Our work on query reformulation using CodeRank and document structures was accepted at ASE 2017, Urbana-Champaign, USA

Publication Stats
  • ICSE (A*) x 4
  • FSE (A*) x 1
  • EMSE (A) x 2
  • ASE (A) x 3
  • ICSME (A) x 4
  • MSR (A) x 7
  • ICPC (B) x 1
  • SANER (B) x 5
  • SCAM (C) x 2

Award Overview
  • Gold Medal Gold Medal X 2
  • Best Graduate Thesis Best Thesis X 2
  • Best Graduate Student Best Student X 1
  • Research Grants Grant X 2
  • Distinguished Paper Best Paper X 1
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