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Sometimes it is hard to find hypertext resources on the WWW, partly because published scholarly works are hidden from search engines. This list is part of a concerted effort by the hypertext community to make us and our work better known.


  1. Collections of Scholarly Works
  2. Background & General Information
  3. Research & Use Community
  4. Other Notable Resources


There is a new profession of trail blazers, those who find delight in the task of establishing useful trails through the enormous mass of the common record. The inheritance from the master becomes, not only his additions to the world's record, but for his disciples the entire scaffolding by which they were erected.

– Vannevar Bush in As We May Think (1945)

  1. Background & General Information

    WeblogKitchen wiki
    about research in weblogs, wikis, and related hypertext technologies (quotation from the Welcome Visitors section)
    Definitions of Hypertext (at this site)
    A jumping-off point for learning more about how hypertext permeates our lives online.
    alt.hypertext Frequently Asked Questions List (at this site)
    Note however that Usenet has been abandoned by most members of the community. Much of the discussion seems to occur in frequent on-line chats (sponsored by the Electronic Literature Organization), blogs, and the WeblogKitchen wiki.
  2. Collections of Scholarly Works

    Hypertext Conference proceedings from sigWeb website
    sigWeb is the special interest group responsible for the Hypertext conference. It used to have a newsletter too.
    Hypertext Conference proceedings from ACM digital library
    Description from the proceedings archive page at acm.org (19 June 2002): The Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia brings together scholars, researchers, and practitioners from diverse disciplines to consider the form, role and impact of hypertext and hypermedia in a forum of discussion of ideas, design and use of hypertext and hypermedia in a variety of domains. The conference also considers the transformative power of hypermedia and its ability to alter the way we read, write, argue, work, exchange information and entertain ourselves.
    Related Conferences and Spin-offs

    The Hypertext Conference is a high-quality scholarly conference with an unusually broad area of interest. Some other conferences are more focussed. The list below includes several conferences that began as spin-offs from Hypertext and several conferences that are otherwise realted to Hypertext. The list is in roughly alphabetical order.

    • Adaptive Hypermedia
    • BlogTalk
    • Conference on Knowledge and Information Management (CIKM)
    • CyberMountain and CyberFlats
    • DAC
    • Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS)
    • ASIS&T Information Architecture Summit
    • international conference on Service-Oriented Computing (ICSOC)
    • symposium on Interactive Visual Information Collections and Activity (IVICA)
    • workshop on Open Hypermedia Systems
    • SIGCHI conference
    • SIGIR conference
    • WikiSym
    Hypermedia track at WWW Conference
    [Does anyone have a description for this?]
    For information about the conferences see:
    Special Electronic Issue of ACM Computing Surveys about Hypertext and Hypermedia
    v. 31 n. 4es (Dec. 1999)
    ACM Transactions on the Web
    A very high quality journal
    New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia
    A journal
  3. Research & Use Community

    A defintion of the Hypertext Community is in the main hypertext webpage.

    ACM sigWeb website
    sigWeb supports the multi-disciplinary field of hypertext and hypermedia, facilitating its application both on the World-Wide Web and also in independent, distributed and stand-alone environments. It provides a forum for the promotion, dissemination, and exchange of ideas concerning research and applications among scientists, systems designers and end-users. (quotation from the 14 June 2002 version of the sigWeb homepage.)
    The Open Directory Project lists hypertext in at least these four categories:
    Trailblazing the literature of hypertext: author co-citation analysis (1989–1998)
    An article from Hypertext '99 by Chaomei Chen and Les Carr
    Shows the areas and sub-areas in the Hypertext conference (up to 1998)
  4. Other Notable Resources

    Notable Hypertext Websites
    A selection of important hypertext websites that are not as prominent as I think they should be
    Hypertext Resource collection at Eastgate Systems, Inc.
    Collections of materials and commentary about hypertext from a company that profits from hypertext publishing
    Electronic Literature Organization
    a non-profit organization for authors of hypertext and non-hypertext
    Hypertext Course Directories
    Eastgate Systems' course directory, &
    sigWeb's course directory
    My former hypertext reference collection
    Materials about hypertext circa 1996

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