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There is a rather dense explanation why hypertext is not the same as non-linear text in another webpage (at this site).

A definition of the hypertext community is in the main webpage

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So what?

If you still think hypertext is just about nodes and links then you should see Frank Shipman et al.'s Visual Knowledge Builder project at the Texas A&M University [archived copy].

If you think it is just a way to bring visions of the potential literature movement (OULIPO) into the contemporary age then you are only partly right. Consider wikis, blogs, this list, digital libraries, on-line journals (such as JIME), and purely discursive works too.

For more information ...

For more about blogs
see the blog theorising part of Jill Walker's blog archive and the Weblog Issues part of the WebLogKitchen wiki.
For more about wikis
see What is Wiki? (at wiki.org).
For more about OULIPO
see Danny Calegari's an OuLiPo page in the Math Dept. at CalTech or an older version at the redoubtable archive.org website.
For information about the hypertext community
see the definition of the hypertext community in the main hypertext webpage
For more about hypertext
see the hypertext resources and exemplary hypertext websites sections.

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