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About Hypertext and the Hypertext Community

Welcome to two views, and many definitions, of hypertext on the WWW. Although I created and maintain both of the views, I think they are quite different from each other.

You might like to use the sitemap to get an overview of the site, or just to jump around.

First, Some Defintions

What is Hypertext?!

I've put some definitons of hypertext in another webpage to help answer the questions above.

What is the Hypertext Community?

A brief definition is that we are people who are (mostly) writers, designers/architects of new hypermedia systems, and theoreticians who are passionate about hypertext. I've put a longer definition of the hypertext community in another webpage.

Next, two views of hypertext to explore

If you are not very familiar with hypertext, or you need a reference source then the major hypertext resources may be what you need. It does present a notion of the breadth of the so-called hypertext community.

If you want to see what I think are cool hypertext websites that don't get enough attention then follow the links from the notable websites list. I try very hard to keep that list short — for reasons that are explained in the webpage.

Major Resources

The Major Resources list is in four sections: Background & General Information; Collections of Scholarly Works; Research & Use Community; and Other Notable Resources.

The list is rather impersonal and, I think, quite dull.

Notable Websites

A list of a few websites that are related to hypertext and sometimes human factors. I think that all of the websites linked from that list should be more widely known.

That website is organized as lists in four categories: Hypertext Theory websites; Exemplary Hypertext websites; Hypertext Tools for the WWW; and Hypertext Technologies for the WWW (which support the tools).

The style of the list is much lighter and more personal than the ponderous resources list.

How You Can Help

Are there sites that should be listed in one of the lists but aren't? Are there mistakes in any of the materials listed at this site? Please tell me. I'd be particularly interested in a news aggregator (a program that searches blogs and other frequently changing websites for references that match pre-set patterns) for hypertext. I may need to install my own.

If you are interested in using, studying, designing, or playing with hypertext then you might want to attend some hypertext events. There are regular on-line chats, various blogs, and at least one hypertext-specific wiki, and at least three conference events. If you have something constructive to add to the ongoing discussion (or better an article or demonstration for a conference) then the so-called hypertext community will welcome you.


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