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Homepage Accesskeys

The table below lists the accesskeys that are used in the homepage. Accesskeys are also known as keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys, and keyboard accelerators.

Most of the pages at this site use accesskey J to return to the hompage.

If you are using a Macintosh computer, then you can press control and the accesskey together (or perhaps control, alt, and the accesskey together) to activate the link instead of using a mouse or other pointing device. If you are using a Windows or Linux computer, then you might be able to activate the link by pressing Alt and the accesskey together, or by pressing Shift and the Escape key and the accesskey together.

The table below lists the shortcut keystrokes that can be used in J. Blustein's homepage. The first column is the key, the second column is what link should be followed when that key is pressed. Note that the exact keystroke combination will depend on your browser software.
Homepage Accesskey Legend
Accesskey Action
digit 0 go to this webpage (the accesskey legend)
2 jump to start of content (skip navigation)
A jump to address section
C check page with W3C's CSS validator
G jump to graduate student section
letter I jump to document version section
letter O jump to other information section
P go to publications webpage
R jump to research section
S jump to list of sections
T jump to teaching section
V check page with W3C's XHTML validator

Note: most of the pages at this site use accesskey J to return to the hompage.


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