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Below are links to Publications in HTML format and Source Code.

Publications in HTML format

  1. James Blustein (2019). Text as Process [a draft] for a chapter be published in Frode Hegland's The Future of Text book during 2020. (Also available as a PDF file.)
  2. Daniel Yule, James Blustein, and Ann-Barbara Graff (). Return to the Native: From NLS/Augment to HTML 5. In ACM Hypertext 2016 Conference.
    (See full record below in Source Code.)
  3. James Blustein & Mona Noor (). Personal Glossaries on the WWW: An Exploratory Study (Hypertext). In ACM Document Engineering conference.
  4. K. Andrew Edmonds, James Blustein, and Don Turnbull. (). A Personal Information and Knowledge Infrastructure Integrator. Journal of Digital Information v.5, n.1.
  5. James Blustein (). Evaluating Automatically Generated Hypertext Versions of Scholarly Articles. In Hyped-Media to Hyper-Media: Toward Theoretical Foundations of Design, Use and Evaluation. Workshop at ACM CHI conference in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Source Code (software, program code)

  1. all (directory view)
  2. Demonstration of part of NLS in HTML5 ()
    Daniel Yule, James Blustein, and Ann-Barbara Graff ()
    Return to the Native: From NLS/Augment to HTML 5
    Kevin Koidl and Ben Steichen (eds.)
    Hypertext 2016 Extended Proceedings: Late-breaking Results, Demos, Doctoral Consortium, Workshops Proceedings and Creative Track of the 27th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media (HT 2016)
    Halifax, Canada, -.
    CEUR Workshop Proceedings (ISSN 1613-0073, Vol. 1628) urn:nbn:de:0074-1628-5.
  3. Bit Vectors in C ()
    These are updates and references to additional resources for an article and source code that wa published by Dr. Dobb's Journal #233 () Vol. 20 Issue 8 in an article entitled Implementing Bit Vectors in C by James Blustein
  4. IR-STAT-PAK ()
    See IR Tools at NIST and
    Overview/Instructions at:
  5. Source Code To Accompany Technical Report CS-2002-06: Recording Links Followed in a Single HTML Document ()
  6. swerr.c
    A utility routine (adapted from K&R II)
    See Using C to Encapsulate an Abstract Data Type for an example of its use


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