Electronic Commerce Overview
Spring 2000


Queen's Executive MBA Centre, Ottawa
350 Albert Street (near Kent), Suite 220
tel: 566 3622 (emergencies only)

The Institute for Government Information Professionals
Place du Portage, Phase III, Tower B, 1E
11 Laurier St. Hull, Quebec K1A 0S5
tel: 956-2520 or 956-6312

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8:30 -12:00 - class time
12:00 - 1:00 - Lunch (provided)
1:00 - 5:00 - class time

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Course coordinator: Andrew Rau-Chaplin (arc@cs.dal.ca)
1. Business Issues for E-commerce, April 17/18

Sunny Marche (module coordinator
Sunny.Marche@dal.ca), Phil McLellan

2. Technology for E-commerce, May 15/16

Andrew Rau-Chaplin, Carolyn Watters,
Evangelos Milios (module coordinator and webmaster,

3. Policy Issues for E-commerce,
*new dates and venue*:
June 19 and 20 at the Institute

Michael Deturbide (Michael.Deturbide@dal.ca)

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