Open positions


There are no open positions for Master's students. Outstanding candidates are encouraged to apply for a direct Ph.D. (You need to have peer-reviewed publications that are relevant to your project).


I am looking for a motivated and goal-driven individual who wants to pursue a Ph.D. in Computer Science starting in the fall of 2022. The position is fully funded for four years at Dalhousie University in Halifax NS, Canada.

My lab sits at the intersection of Computer Science and Medicine therefore, all projects developed in my lab should contain both parts. The percentage of methodological and clinical research will depend on the specific project. My main line of research is neuroimaging, however, I am open to projects that use other data types. I will encourage those that seek associations between neuroimaging and clinical scores. Since the program is Ph.D. in Computer Science, your proposal should aim to advance the current computational/methodological tools. You can take a look at the projects I am currently working on here.

Please read the Ph.D. application guide here. You will find important information that you should consider before contacting me or any other prospective supervisor. The guide provides links to the university websites and important dates, you must corroborate all the information on the official websites, things change and I am not tracking those possible changes.

Once you have read the guide carefully, If and only if you fulfill all the requirements then you can then prepare your proposal and send it to my Dalhousie email using the subject line: "Fall 2022 prospective Ph.D. proposal". In your email include a statement of interest (max 300 words), in which you tell me why you are interested in my lab and how I can be helpful to achieve your goals. Avoid the common phrases, those do not add value to your message, be honest and direct, different students have different reasons to start a Ph.D., all are valid. Your reason does not give you more or less importance in the selection, however, depending on your goals we can tailor your project in that direction.

Finally, I like doing things in certain ways, I am flexible but if I am putting time to tell people how to do things, I expect them to use that information and follow the procedures correctly. So if your email or proposal does not follow the guideline, you can be sure you won't have any response. I will be reviewing applications all November.