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Current Lab Members

Andrew Rau-Chaplin Andrew Rau-Chaplin, Professor
Webpage:, E-mail:
Omar Carmona Cortes

Omar Andres Carmona Cortes, Post Doctoral Fellow
Omar Andres Carmona Cortes has a master and a Ph.d. in computer science. He works with evolutionary and parallel computing, having experience in multimodal and multi-objective bio-inspired algorithms. Currently, he is post-doctoral fellowship working on Treaty Optimization Problems.

Quan Kong

Quan Kong
Currently completing his master's degree at Dalhousie University, Quan is working on real-time parallel in-memory analytics on the Cloud.

Zhimin Yao Zhimin Yao
Currently, he is a masters student working on "big data" approaches to risk analytics. He holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Statistics from Dalhousie University.

Priyank Trivedi
He obtained his Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from VIT University, India. He is currently working on Exploiting Parallelism in Vantage Point Tree data structure and it's performance analysis on Graphic Processors.

Vivian Kou

Vivian Kou
She is an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award holder who worked on text similarity projects combining tech analytics techniques with High Performance Computing.

Matthew Coelho
Currently he is an Informatics student who will be pursuing a Masters of Applied Computer Science degree at Dalhousie University. He is currently working on applying 'big data' technologies to risk analytics.

Kuber Dutt
He is pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India. He will be working as a summer research Intern on various projects.

Haoxu Wang Haoxu Wang
Graduated with a bachelors in computer science from Dalhousie University, working on parallel risk treaty optimization using multi-objective optimization.

Duffy Angevine
He is pursuing a Masters of Computer Science at Dalhousie University, working in the area of high performance computing, focusing on using GPUs to accelerate the machine learning process.

Thomas Crowell
An undergraduate mathematics/statistics double major at Dalhousie University. He works primarily with analytics, visualization, and data mining with R.

Technical Advisors

Oliver Baltzer Oliver Baltzer
He has a Ph.D. in computer science and is an adjunct professor at the Faculty of Computer Science at Dalhousie University. He has worked in the reinsurance industry for 6 years as a lead HPC architect, gaining experience in the design and engineering of production risk analytsis systems.
Georg Hofmann Georg Hofmann
He has a Ph.D. in mathematics and is an adjunct professor at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of Dalhousie University. He has worked in the reinsurance industry for 5 years as a data scientist, gaining experience in the science and implementation of catastrophe risk models.
Nozar G. Kishi Nozar G. Kishi
He has Masters and a Ph.D. in earthquake engineering from Kyoto University, and a Post-Doctoral fellowship from UCLA. He has worked in the catastrophe risk modeling community for 16 years (where he has directed development of physical modules for all of the major commercial model vendors), and in the risk management/insurance industry for 7 years (where he has assisted or provided consultancy services to underwriters, actuaries, and ERM.)
Duane Wilson Duane Wilson
He has a Masters in economics from Dalhousie University. He has worked in the reinsurance industry for 5 years as a researcher and data scientist. He has gained experience in the analysis and representation of large risk data sets and reinsurance portfolio management practices.


Past Lab Members

Leah Brown Leah Brown
Graduated with a bachelors degree in Computer Science from Dalhousie University, working on parallel techniques for text analytics. Currently working for Microsoft in Seattle.
Jesse McMinn Jesse McMinn
An undergraduate computer science student at Dalhousie University. Working on enhanced data structures for parallel risk analysis.
Udaya Raj Adhikari

Udaya Raj Adhikari
He obtained a master's degree at Dalhousie University in 2013. He's working on dynamic financial analysis, building on his 6 years of industry experience in reinsurance.

Anthony Astoul Anthony Astoul, Visiting Researcher
Anthony is currently working in France as a software developer for Symfony2.
Surya Baghrecha

Surya Baghrecha
She completed a B.Tech in Computer Science from IIIT Hyderabad (India). She worked on parallel cloud-based query processing systems on the Amazon EC2 cloud.

Aman Bahl Aman Bahl, Visiting Researcher
Currently, he is working for the D.E. Shaw Group.
Anirudh Beria

Anirudh Beria
Currently, he is working on parallelizing optimization-algorithms on Intel Phi. He is pursuing Bachelor of Computer Science and engineering from IIIT - Hyderabad.

Neil Burke

Neil Burke
A computer science student at Saint Mary's University. Neil worked on improving performance of aggregate risk analysis.

Christopher Filliter Christopher Filliter, Visiting Researcher
Currently, he is completing a Bachelors in Civil Engineering, McGill University, Canada.
Yue Guan Yue Guan, Visiting Researcher
She obtained a Masters in Environmental Studies at Dalhousie University, Canada and an Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Diploma from the Centre of Geographic Sciences, Canada. Currently, she is working on the Nova Scotia Watershed Assessment Project as a Research Associate in the Hydrologic System Research Group at Dalhousie University.
Li Li
Currently, he is a Ph.D. student in Statistics at Dalhousie University and is working on outlier detection techniques for problems related to reinsurance analytics in his spare time.
Jie Mei

Jie Mei
A third-year undergraduate student at Dalhousie University. Worked on text analytics in the lab.

Ishan Patel Ishan Patel
Completed his Master's thesis on using cloud-based resources for large scale ad-hoc analytics written in the statistical language R. Now works at IBM.
Kunal shridhar Kunal Shridhar, Visiting Researcher
He obtained a Masters in Computer Applications from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India. Currently, he is employed at Cisco, Banglore, India.
Allie Strel

Allie Strel, Visiting Researcher
Obtained her Advanced Diploma in Geographic Information Systems at the Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) and a Bachelor’s of Science, majoring in Geographical Biogeosciences from the University of British Columbia.

Blesson Varghese Blesson Varghese, Post Doctoral Fellow
Webpage:, E-mail:
A Postdoctoral researcher in Computer Science at the Big Data Laboratory, University of St Andrews, UK.
Naman Varshney Naman Varshney, Visiting Researcher
He obtained a Masters in Computer Applications from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India.
Vivian (Xin) Wang Vivian (Xin) Wang, Graduate Researcher
Currently, she is pursuing a Ph.D. in Statistics at the University of Michigan.