Sara Khanchi,  Computer Science, PhD

Duc C. Le, Computer Science, PhD

Moath Bagarish, Computer Science, PhD

Lucca Fraser, Computer Science, MCS

Lan Zhang, Computer Science, MCS

Tien Phan, Computer Science, MCS

Raphael Bronfman-Nadas, Computer Science, MCS

Samar Kordi, Computer Science, MACS

Mihir Joshi, Computer Science, MACS

Mack Pearson, Computer Science, Honour’s, USRA

Samuel Champagne-Turcotte, Computer Science, USRA



Khalid Shahbar, Computer Science (Dalhousie), PhD, 2017

        Analysis of Multi-Layer Encryption Anonymity Networks

Fariba Haddadi, Computer Science (Dalhousie), PhD, 2016

        Investigating a Behaviour Analysis-Based Early Warning System to Identify Botnets Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Vahid Aghaei Foroushani, Computer Science (Dalhousie), PhD, 2016

        A Security Framework Based on Flow Marking IP-Traceback Techniques

Maimaiti Tuerxun, Computer Science (China), PhD, 2012 - 2013

        Visiting PhD, Data mining and network operations

Riyad Alshammari, Computer Science (Dalhousie), PhD, 2012

        Automatically Generating Robust Signatures Using a Machine Learning Approach to Unveil Encrypted VoIP Traffic without Using Port Numbers, IP Addresses and Payload Inspection

Adetokunbo Makanju, Computer Science (Dalhousie), PhD,  2012 (Co-sup: Milios)

        Exploring Event Log Analysis with Minimum A Priori Information

Gunes Kayacik, Computer Science (Dalhousie), PhD, 2009

        Can the best defense be a good offense? Evolving (mimicry) attacks for detector vulnerability testing under a black-box assumption

Xiao Luo, Computer Science (Dalhousie), PhD, 2008

        Exploring a hybrid intelligent system for document analysis and word tracking

Yongzheng Zhang, Computer Science (Dalhousie), PhD, 2007 (Co-sup: Milios)

        A framework for summarization of multi-topic web sites


Emel Uras, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2017

    Analysis of network properties using Self Organizing Maps for service deployment on the cloud

Hiren Pandya, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MACS. 2017

    Anomaly detection in network traffic flow using Numenta anomaly benchmark

Diptayan Basak, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MACS, 2017

    Employing network flow features to classify categories of malwares

Yogesh Kumar, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MACS, 2017

    GenSky: A multi objective genetic program for anomaly detection using network traffic flows

Abdulazeez, Sanni, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MACS, 2017

    A preliminary analysis on categorizing malicious Android applications

Duc Le-Cong, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2017

    An Unsupervised Learning Approach for Network and System Analysis

Derek Nheiley, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2017

    Exploring a Machine Learning Based Approach for Analyzing Anonymized Data

Deepthi Rajashekar, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2017

    One class learning with an autoencoder based self organizing map

Patricia Konney, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MACS, 2017

    Exploring a Network Flow Based Approach for Detection of Backscatter Attacks

Purvesh Patel, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MACS, 2017

    Parameter Sensitivity Analysis for the Comfort Level Calculation Method for User Behaviour Profiling

Divya Nistala, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MACS, 2016

    An evaluation of two different approaches for botnet detection

Neelesh Shukla, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MACS. 2016

    A new online assignment evaluation system

Deric Johnson, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MACS, 2015

    Investigating web browsing behaviour

Baran Tatar, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2015

    Investigating churn detection in dynamic networks

Revanth Nadanasabapathy, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MACS, 2015

    Predictive analysis on tracking e-mails for targeted marketing

Eray Balkanli, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2015

        A Comprehensive Study on One-Way Backscatter Traffic Analysis

Jillian Morgan, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2015

        Streaming Network Traffic Analysis Using Active Learning

Yasemin Gokcen, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2014

        A Preliminary Study for Identifying NAT Traffic Using Machine Learning

Hossein Rahimi, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2013

        An indoor geo-fencing based access control system for wireless networks

Daniel Arndt, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2012

        Encrypted traffic analysis

Can Bozdogan, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2012

        Experience management for system fault analysis

Carlos Bacquet, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2010

        An investigation of a MOGA applied to encrypted traffic identification

Isabel McCarthy, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MEC Thesis, 2010

        An investigation on detecting applications hidden in SSL streams using machine learning techniques

Riyad Alshammari, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2008

        Automatically Classifying Encrypted Network Traffic: A Case Study of SSH

Johnny Azizi. MECRP, 2008

        Honeypots: Catch your Online Enemy

Adetokunbo Makanju, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2007

        Investigating the robustness of ML based IDSs on DoS attacks for 802.11 networks

Ozge Yeloglu, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2007

        Growing recurrent self-organizing map

Patrick LaRoche, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2006

        802.11 De-authentication attack detection using genetic programming

Lin Xu, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2006

         Investigating the mirror server placement problem using log files from web servers

Yeming Hu, Internetworking (Dalhousie), MEng, 2006

        Modeling users’ behavior from server logs

Andrew Ting Zhou, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2005

        Improving intrusion detection systems through an HCI approach

Li Li, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2004

        Applying neural network based approaches to host based intrusion detection

Peter Lichodzijewski, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2004

        Cascaded GP models for data mining

Wenwei Yue, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2004

        An improved agent based routing protocol for mobile ad-hoc networks

Leigh Wetmore, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2004

        Hiearachical dynamic subset selection applied to self-organizing maps

Xiaosong Hu, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2004

        Understanding the performance of cooperative web caching systems

Ali Kanani, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MECRP, 2004

        The voice over WLAN market

C. Liu, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MECRP, 2004

        Web services technology

S. Tong, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MECRP, 2004

        Web services security

A. Zhang, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MECRP, 2004

        Characterizing users of e-com sites

Christopher Boyce, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MECP, 2003

         A comparison of four intrusion detection systems for secure e-business

Ye Liang, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2003

        Supporting micro-mobility with multi protocol handoff mechanism

Gunes Kayacik, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2003

        Hierarchical self-organizing map based intrusion detection systems

Yan Zhou, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2003

        Intelligent agent routing for mobile ad-hoc networks

Haihua Yun, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2003

        Intelligent ants for adaptive network routing

Dong Song, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2003

        A L-GP approach to intrusion detection

Z. Jiang, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MECRP, 2003

        E-learning for e-commerce

Xuanfei Ji-Taylor, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MECP, 2002

        How to improve business data management in the maritime shipping industry

Dyan Tufts-Conrad, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MECT, 2002

        Towards the automated coding of patient discharge abstracts

Jianduan Liang, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MACS, 2002

        A robot capable of crawling secure dynamic web sites

Nadia Corbin, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MECP, 2002

    E-commerce: A case study of Barbados

Peijun Shi, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2002

        Mirror site organization using a social insect metaphor

Yongzheng Zhang, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2002

        World wide web summarization

Zhongmin Shi, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2002

        Post supervised learning for information extraction from lists and tables

Suihong Liang, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MCS, 2002

        Intelligent packets for dynamic network routing

XuFeng Hu, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MACS, 2001

        Testing a cognitive packet concept in LAN environment

Yang Yang, Computer Science (Dalhousie), MACS, 2001

        Implementation and measurement of two ant routing algorithms in LAN

UnderGrads / FCS USRAs / NSERC USRAs / CDMPs:

Chengchao Yao, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS FCS USRA, 2017

Weikeng Chen, Visiting BCS, China - Mitacs Globalink, 2016

Chenchao Yao, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS FCS USRA, 2016

Flavio Zanin, Computer Science (Brazil), BCS - Visiting BCS, 2016

Yanan Zhang, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS Honour’s (NEU), 2016

Kyle Ramey, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS, 2016

Brian Yip, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS, 2015

Simon Dugas, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS, 2015

Duong-Tien Phan, Visiting BCS, Vietnam - Mitacs Globalink, 2015

Chester Li, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS, 2015

Brett O’Donnell, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS, 2014

Tyler Brookbank, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS, 2014

Salman Mohammed, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS, FCS USRA, 2014

Anderson Farias, Computer Science (Brazil), BCS - Visiting BCS, 2014

Jander Alves, Computer Science (Brazil), BCS - Visiting BCS, 2014

Duc Le-Cong, Visiting BCS, Vietnam - Mitacs, Globalink, 2014

Laura Porter, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BInf, 2014

Hunter Green-Glass, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS (minor), 2014

Aimee Burrows, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS, 2014

Dylan Runkel, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS, 2013

Aimee Burrows, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS, NSERC USRA, 2013

Eduardo Gomes Filho, Computer Science (Brazil), 2013 - Visiting BCS

Hans Sanft, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS, 2013

Aimee Burrows, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS, NSERC USRA, 2012

Andrey Kulakevich, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS, NSERCUSRA, 2011

Michal Lisicki, Computer Science (Poland), 2011 - Visiting BCS

Erinn Atwater, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS Honour’s, 2011

Erinn Atwater, Computer Science (Dalhousie), NSERC USRA, 2010

Natasha Bodorik, Computer Science (Dalhousie), NSERC USRA/CDMP, 2009

Aaron Atwater, Computer Science (Dalhousie), NSERC USRA, 2009

Kubra Gumus, Computer Engineering (Turkey), 2009 - Visiting BCS

Dogukan Tizer, Computer Engineering (Turkey), 2009 - Visiting BCS

Melanie Tupper, Computer Science (Dalhousie), NSERC USRA/CDMP, 2008

Melanie Tupper, Computer Science (Dalhousie), NSERC USRA/CDMP, 2007

Azza Abouzied, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS Honour’s, 2006

Azza Abouzied, Computer Science (Dalhousie), NSERC USRA/CDMP, 2006

Aniruld Koul, Computer Science (Dalhousie), NSERC USRA, 2006

Peter Lichodzijewski, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS Honour’s, 2002

Leigh Wetmore, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS Honour’s, 2002

Ala’a Dabbour, Computer Science (Dalhousie), BCS Honour’s, 2002

Peter Lichodzijewski, Computer Science (Dalhousie), NSERC USRA, 2001

Leigh Wetmore, Computer Science (Dalhousie), NSERC USRA, 2001