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Selected Software by Vlado Keselj

The software packaged below are sorted tentatively by the most recent change (from newer to older).
1 Calendar::Schedule (dir) Perl module to manage a personal calendar of appointments.
2. CGI::AuthRegister (dir) AuthRegister Module for Simple CGI Authentication and Registration in Perl
3. Text::Ngrams (dir) Perl module for flexible Ngram analysis
4. Starfish (dir) A Perl-based System for Text-Embedded Programming and Preprocessing
5. AI::NaiveBayes1 (dir) Perl module for Naive Bayes classification
6. Stefs 2.0 System with TypEd Feature Structures (or Java parser for HPSGs)
7. srcperl/ Selected Perl-based software
8. srcperl/snip/ Perl Code Snippets

Notes on String Encoding

General string can contain arbirary ASCII (or Unicode) characters and there are different reasons why we may want to encode them into a different format; and we usually want to be able to decode them into the original format. The following are some examples:
  1. encode_w, decode_w

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