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Icon  Name                  Size  Description
[DIR] CGI-AuthRegister/ - Simple CGI Authentication and Registration in Perl [DIR] NaiveBayes1/ - Naive Bayes classification [DIR] Ngrams/ - Flexible Ngram analysis (for characters, words, and more) [DIR] snip/ - Miscellaneous functions and code snippets [DIR] Schedule/ - Calendar scheduling [Perl] clean_html 2K Remove HTML tags and comments [Perl] find-equal-files 3K Find equal files in a directory tree [Perl] fix-file-names 699 Rename filenames to remove unsafe characters [Perl] fix-file-names-explained 4K Script fix-file-names with a lot of comments [Perl] justify 2K Justify text, left align, ragged right [Perl] justify-1.2 1K Older version of justify, less features but shorter [Perl] justify-1.4 2K Justify text, left align, ragged right [Perl] lastUpdate 2K Updates the 'Last update:' statements (e.g. for html files) [Perl] oct 836 Octal manipulation functions [Perl] random-string 986 Generate a random string [Perl] remove_empty_dirs.pl 863 Remove recursively empty directories [Perl] report-new.pl 7K Report new material on a web page [Perl] report-new.pl-1.16 7K Report new material on a web page [Perl] rm 4K Recursive remove of directories [Perl] show-side-by-side.pl 281 Print two files side by side [Perl] text2xfig.pl 2K Translating plain text to Xfig format [Perl] tree 3K Something like Linux command `tree' [Perl] tree-1.0 1K Something like Linux command `tree' - the first simple version (42 lines) [Perl] tree-1.6 3K Something like Linux command `tree' v1.6 [Perl] trees-do 5K Various operations on treebank [Perl] trees-extrRules 2K Extract CF rules from a forest [Perl] trees-grepTree 2K Find (grep) a CF rule in a forest [Perl] trees-prnLeaves 1K Print leaves of the trees given a forest. [Perl] vdelatex 6K Spell-checking LaTeX/TeX files [DIR] Calendar-Schedule/ - [Perl] extract-folder-msgid 3K [Perl] give-ssh-access.pl 793 [Perl] htpasswd-update.pl 2K [TXT] justify.html 2K [Perl] move-merge 3K [Perl] random_choose 270 [Perl] remove-empty-dirs 897 [Perl] send.pl 456 [Perl] sort-by-suffix 279 [DIR] starfish/ - [Perl] text2xfig.pl-1.2 2K

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