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CSCI 4152/6509 - Course Calendar (tentative)

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  Part I: Introduction
1 Mon Jan  9Course Introduction
Course information: logistics and administrivia, textbook and other main references, evaluation scheme, academic integrity policy, culture of respect, tentative course schedule. Introduction to NLP (reading Ch.1 [JM]): natural language and other languages; NLP applications.
Files: Syllabus (PDF), Slides (PDF), Lecture notes (PDF). Reading: [JM] Ch.1
A0 out
2 Tue Jan 10Introduction to Natural Language Processing
NLP as a research area, NLP Research links and NLP Anthology http://aclweb.org/anthology-new/. Short history of NLP. Levels of NLP.
Files: Slides (PDF), Lecture notes (PDF).
3 Thu Jan 12About Course Project
Some reasons why NLP is hard, ambiguities at different levels of NLP, examples of lexical and syntactic ambiguities. Ambiguities at different levels of NLP (continued): syntactic, semantic, pragmatic levels; NLP metholodology; about course project: deliverables, P0, P1, P, R; project types, choosing topic, resources; themes and previous topics.
Files: Slides (PDF), Lecture notes (PDF).
  Part II: Stream-based Text Processing
4 Mon Jan 16 Introduction to Perl
Part II: Stream-based Text Processing; Introduction to Perl, main Perl language features, strengths and weaknesses, resources, file names, running program, simple arithmetic, syntactic elements, reading input, declaring variables, counting lines.
Files: Slides (PDF), Lecture notes (PDF).
A0 due
5 Tue Jan 17Regular Expressions
Regular expressions: reading: Chapter 2 [JM], simple example, use in Perl, examples; Finite state automata, DFA.
Files: Slides (PDF), Lecture notes (PDF). Reading: Chapter 2 [JM]
6 Thu Jan 19Automata, Text Processing in Perl
Non-deterministic finite automata, more on Perl regular expressions; text processing in Perl: examples.
Files: Slides(PDF), Lecture notes (PDF).
L1 Fri Jan 20Lab 1: SVN Tutorial
Logging in, bluenose environment; Basic Perl program; SVN tutorial, checking out the course repository and basic operations.
Files: Slides (PDF), Lab notes (PDF).
  Fr Jan 20Last day to add classes  
7 Mon Jan 23 Elements of Morphology
Elements of Morphology: reading: Section 3.1 [JM]; morphemes, stems, affixes, tokenization, stemming, lemmatization; morphological processes. Characters, Words, and N-grams: counting words, Zipf's law.
Files: Slides (PDF), Lecture notes (PDF). Reading: Section 3.1 [JM]
A1 out
8 Tue Jan 24N-grams
N-grams: character and word n-grams, counting n-grams; Perl: lists, scalar vs. array context in Perl, subroutines, using Ngrams module; Elements of information retrieval: typical IR system architecture, vector space model.
Files: Slides (PDF), Lecture notes (PDF). Reading: [JM] 23.1 (Information Retrieval), [MS] Ch.15 (Topics in Information Retrieval).
9 Thu Jan 25IR Evaluation Measures
Some interesting links: Lucene, IR book by Manning, Raghavan, and Schutze. IR evaluation measures, precision-recall curve, example, other evaluation measures. Text classification: introduction, authorship attribution.
Files: Slides (PDF), Lecture notes (PDF).
L2 Fri Jan 27 Lab 2: Perl Tutorial 1 Files: Slides (PDF), Lab notes (PDF). 
10 Mon Jan 30Similarity-based Text Classification
CNG classification method; evaluating text classification: evaluation measures, example, evaluation methods; overview of text clustering; logical vs. plausible reasoning in AI and NLP.
Files: Slides (PDF), Lecture notes (PDF).
A1 due
  Part III: Probabilistic Approach to NLP
11 Tue Jan 31Probabilistic Approach to NLP
Probabilistic approach to NLP: logical vs. plausible reasoning, plausible reasoning approaches, brief review of elements of probability theory; Bayesian inference, generative models.
Files: Slides (PDF), Lecture notes (PDF).
12 Thu Feb  2Probabilistic Modeling
Probabilistic modeling: random variables, configurations, and models; computational tasks; Joint distribution model and fully independent model; Naive Bayes model.
Files: Slides (PDF), Lecture notes (PDF).
P0 due
  Fri Feb 3Munro Day, University closed, no labs  
13 Mon Feb 6N-grams Model
N-gram model: assumption, graphical representation, n-gram model as Markov chain, perplexity, text classification using language modeling.
Files: Slides (PDF), Lecture notes (PDF). Reading: [JM] Ch4 N-Grams
14 Tue Feb 7Smoothing, Part-of-Speech (POS) Tags
Smoothing: Lapace smoothing, Witten-Bell discounting; POS tags: open and closed word categories, determiners.
Files: Slides (PDF), Lecture notes (PDF).
  Wed Feb 9A2 out A2 out
15 Thu Feb 9Part-of-Speech Tagging
Parts of Speech (POS) and POS Tags (continued); Hidden Markov Model (HMM): definition.
Files: Slides (PDF), Lecture notes (PDF). Reading: [JM] Ch5 Part-of-Speech Tagging
L3 Fri Feb 10Lab 3: Perl Tutorial 2 Files: Slides (PDF), Lab notes (PDF), Slides: Regular Expressions in Perl. 
  Fr Feb 10Last day to drop classes without "W"  
  Mon Feb 13No class, University closed, snow day  
  Tue Feb 14No class, University closed, snow day  
16 Thu Feb 16No class, University closed, snow day
Reading: POS Tagging with HMM.
Files: Lecture notes, slides.
L4 Fri Feb 17Lab 4: Perl Tutorial 3 Files: Slides (PDF), Lab notes (PDF).A2 due
  Mon Feb 20Winter Study Break, no classes, Feb 20-24  
17 Mon Feb 27 P0 Projects discussion
P0 project topics discussion.
Files: Lecture notes, slides.
18 Tue Feb 28P0 Topics Discussion, HMM POS Tagging
P0 project topics continued; HMM continued, HMM POS Example; brute-force approach.
Files: Lecture notes, slides.
19 Thu Mar 2Product-Sum Algorithms (Message-Passing Algorithms) Files: Lecture notes, slides. 
20 Mon Mar 6Product-Sum Algorithms (2)
Message-passing POS tagging example continued; marginalization.
Files: Lecture notes, slides.
  Part IV: Parsing (Syntactic Processing)
21 Tue Mar 7Phrase Structure
Message passing in general case: Bayesian networks and other inference problems. Syntax: phrase structure, phrases, clauses, sentences; reading: [JM] Ch 12; parsing, parse tree examples. Context-Free Grammars (CFG) review, examples,
Files: Lecture notes, slides. Reading: [JM] Ch 12
22 Thu Mar 9Natural Language Syntax
Context-Free Grammars continued: some notions about CFGs, bracket notation; Typical phrase structure rules in English: Sentence (S), Noun Phrase (NP), Verb Phrase (VP), Prepositional Phrase (PP), Adjective Phrase (ADJP).
Files: Lecture notes, slides.
P1 due
L5 Fri Mar 10Lab 5: Prolog Tutorial 1 Files: Slides (PDF), Lab notes (PDF). 
23 Mon Mar 13Is NL Context-Free?
Adverbial Phrase (ADVP). Are NLs context-free? Natural Language Phenomena: agreement, movement, subcategorization; heads and dependency. Head feature principle, dependency trees.
Files: Lecture notes, slides.
A3 out
24 Tue Mar 14CYK Algorithm
Dependency trees, arguments and adjuncts; Parsing natural languages, CYK algorithm.
Files: Lecture notes, slides.
25 Thu Mar 16Probabilistic Context Free Grammars
CYK algorithm (continued). Probabilistic Context-Free Grammar (PCFG); reading: [JM] Chapters 13 and 14 (PCFG); computational tasks for PCFG model: evaluation, learning, simulation, proper PCFG, efficient inference in the PCFG model: modified CYK algorithm for marginalization.
Files: Lecture notes, slides. Reading: [JM] Chapters 13 and 14 (PCFG)
L6 Fri Mar 17 Lab 6: Prolog Tutorial 2 Files: Lab notes, Slides. 
  Fr Mar 17Last day to drop classes with "W"  
26 Mon Mar 20 Parser Evaluation
Modified CYK algorithm for completion; Issues with PCFGs, a solution approach: probabilistic lexicalized CFGs; parser evaluation: PARSEVAL measures.
Files: Lecture notes, slides. Reading: [JM] 14.7 (page 479, Evaluating parsers)
  Part V: Semantics and Unification-based NLP
27 Tue Mar 21 Elements of Semantics and Unification-based Approach
Semantics and Unification-based NLP: Elements of semantics; lexical semantics, semantic compositionality, semantic roles. Theoretical foundations of the unification-based approach: first-order predicate calculus.
Files: Lecture notes, slides. Reading: [JM] 17-17.2 (Representation of meaning), [JM] 18.6 (Idioms and Compositionality), [JM] 19-19.3 (Lexical Semantics and WordNet), [JM] 17.3 (First-order Predicate Logic).
28 Thu Mar 23 Definite Clause Grammars (DCG)
Inference rules, resolution-based inference system; Prolog overview: relation to resolution inference and Horn clauses, unification and backtracking, elements; using difference lists to parse NL; Definite Clause Grammars (DCG), examples: basic, with a parse tree.
Files: Lecture notes, slides.
  Fri Mar 24A3 due A3 due
29 Mon Mar 27 Unification
DCGs (cont): handling agreement, embedded code, PCFGs; Classical unification: examples; substitution, unifier, composition of substitutions, most general unifier.
Files: Lecture notes, slides. Reading: [JM] Chapter 15 (Features and Unification)
30 Tue Mar 28 Course Review 1 Files: Lecture notes, slides. 
31 Thu Mar 30 Course Review 2 Files: Lecture notes, slides.A4 out
  Part VI: Student Presentations
32 Mon Apr 3Student presentations (PT-33*), Course Review 3
PT-33 Zhongchao. Course review (continued).
Files: Lecture notes, slides.
33 Tue Apr 4 Course Review 4, Unification
Course review (continued). Unification (continued slides in Lecture 29).
Files: Lecture notes, slides.
34 Thu Apr 6 Student presentations (PT-25*, PT-26*, PT-27*, PT-28)
PT-25: Ahmed. PT-26 Dylan, Brett, Luke. PT-27 Alex, Geoff, Niclas, Chelsey.
35 Fr Apr 7 Lab-4152 (11:35-12:55) Student presentations (PT-19*, PT-20*, PT-21*, PT-22*, PT-23*, PT-24)
PT-19 David. PT-20 Rohit. PT-21 Sean. PT-22 Colleen. PT-23 Bradley.
36 Fr Apr 7 Lab-6509 (14:35-15:55) Student presentations(PT-13*, PT-14*, PT-15*, PT-16*, PT-17*, PT-18*)
PT-13 Kyle. PT-14 Dhivya. PT-15 Bryan. PT-16 Xiang G. PT-17 Yuan. PT-18 JeyaBalaji.
37 Mo Apr 10 Lab-4152 (11:35-12:55) Student presentations (PT-07*, PT-08*, PT-09*, PT-10*, PT-11*, PT-12*)
Friday schedule used. Last day of classes.Teaching Lab 1 (rm133 Goldberg).PT-07 Colin. PT-08 Jarred. PT-09 Matthew. PT-10 Jafar. PT-11 Simon.PT-12 Raja.
38 Mo Apr 10 Lab-6509 (14:35-15:55) Student presentations (PT-01*, PT-02*, PT-03*, PT-04*, PT-05*, PT-06*)
Teaching Lab 5 (rm330 Goldberg).PT-01 Selene. PT-02 Saurabh. PT-03 Xuhui, Xiang L. PT-04 Praveen. PT-05 Deepak. PT-06 Anto.
A4 due
  Mon Apr 10Project Reports due Report due
  Thu Apr 13Final Exam (15:30-17:30)
Final exam, duration 2 hours, starting at 15:30, location Dunn 101. Exam schedule URL: http://www.dal.ca/academics/exam_schedule/halifax_campus_exam_schedule.html

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