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Winter 2014 (Jan6-Apr7)
Faculty of Computer Science
Dalhousie University

CSCI 4152/6509 - Course Calendar (tentative)

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1 Mo Jan 6Course Introduction  
2 We Jan 8Introduction to NLP A0 out
3 Fri Jan 10About Course Project  
  Part I: Linguistic Background
4 Mon Jan 13Elements of Morphology  
5 Wed Jan 15Part-of-Speech Tags A0 due
L1 Wed Jan 15Lab 1: Perl Tutorial 1  
6 Fri Jan 17Syntax  
7 Mon Jan 20Typical Phrase Structure Rules in English A1 out
  Wed Jan 22Snow day, University closed from 12pm, no class and no lab  
8 Fri Jan 24Semantics  
  Part II: Statistical Approach to NLP
9 Mon Jan 27Text Mining  
10 Wed Jan 29Text Classification and CNG  
L2 Wed Jan 29Lab 2: SVN Tutorial  
11 Fri Jan 31Evaluating Classification A1 due
12 Mon Feb 3Bayesian Inference P0 due
13 Wed Feb 5Probabilistic Modelling  
L3 Wed Feb 5Lab 3: Perl Tutorial 2  
  Fri Feb 7Munro Day, University closed, no class  
14 Mon Feb 10Naive Bayes Model A2 out
15 Wed Feb 12P0 Projects discussion (1st part)  
L4 Wed Feb 12Lab 4: Perl Tutorial 3  
16 Fri Feb 14P0 Projects Discussion (2nd part), Ngrams Model A2 due
  Mon Feb 17Study break Mon-Sun, Feb 17-21  
17 Mon Feb 24Smoothing, Hidden Markov Model  
18 Wed Feb 26Hidden Markov Model and Bayesian Networks A3 out
L5 Wed Feb 26Lab 5: Tutorial on Collecting Twitter Data  
19 Fri Feb 28Sum-product Algorithms  
20 Mon Mar 3Sum-product Algorithms (2) P1 due
21 Wed Mar 5Probabilistic Context-Free Grammar  
22 Fri Mar 7Probabilistic CYK Parsing  
  Part III: Unification-based approach to NLP
23 Mon Mar 10Introduction to Unification-based Approach to NLP A3 due
24 Wed Mar 12Resolution and Unification  
L6 Wed Mar 12Lab 6: Prolog Tutorial 1  
25 Fri Mar 14Unification Algorithms  
26 Mon Mar 17DCG -- Definite Clause Grammars A4 out
27 Wed Mar 19Feature Structures  
L7 Wed Mar 19Lab 7: Prolog Tutorial 2  
28 Fri Mar 21 Unification-based Grammars and Chart Parsing  
  Part IV: Course review
29 Mon Mar 24Course Review (part 1) A4 due
  Wed Mar 26Course Review (No class, university closed, snow day)  
  Part V: Student Presentations
  Wed Mar 26 (LAB) No class, university closed, snow day  
30 Fri Mar 28 Student presentation (PT-16*,PT-17*,PT-18*)  
31 Mon Mar 31Student presentations (PT-13*,PT-14*,PT-15*,PT-19*,PT-20*) A5 out
32 Wed Apr 2Student presentations (PT-10*,PT-11*,PT-12*)  
33 Wed Apr 2(LAB) Student presentations (PT-07*,PT-08*,PT-09*)  
34 Fri Apr 4Student presentations (PT-04*,PT-05*,PT-06*)  
35 Mon Apr 7Student presentations (PT-01*,PT-02*,PT-03*) Reports due, A5 due
  Mon Apr 14Final Exam (15:30-17:30, Dalplex) Exam

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