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Winter 2017 (Jan9-Apr10)
Faculty of Computer Science
Dalhousie University

CSCI 4152/6509 - Course Calendar (tentative)

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  Part I: Introduction
1 Mon Jan  9Course Introduction  
2 Tue Jan 10Introduction to Natural Language Processing  
3 Thu Jan 12About Course Project  
  Part II: Stream-based Text Processing
4 Mon Jan 16 Introduction to Perl  
5 Tue Jan 17Regular Expressions  
6 Thu Jan 19Elements of Morphology  
L1 Fri Jan 20Lab 1: SVN Tutorial  
7 Mon Jan 23Characters, Words, and N-grams  
8 Tue Jan 24N-grams  
  Part III: Similarity-based Text Processing
9 Thu Jan 25Elements of Information Retrieval  
L2 Fri Jan 27 Lab 2: Perl Tutorial 1  
10 Mon Jan 30Similarity-based Text Classification  
  Part IV: Probabilistic Approach to NLP
11 Tue Jan 31Probabilistic Approach to NLP  
12 Thu Feb  2Probabilistic Modeling P0 due
  Fri Feb 3Munro Day, University closed, no labs  
13 Mon Feb 6Naive Bayes Model  
14 Tue Feb 7N-grams Model  
15 Thu Feb 9Smoothing  
L3 Fri Feb 10Lab 3: Perl Tutorial 2  
16 Mon Feb 13P0 Projects discussion  
17 Tue Feb 14POS Tags  
18 Thu Feb 16Hidden Markov Model  
L4 Fri Feb 17Lab 4: Perl Tutorial 3  
  Mon Feb 20Winter Study Break, no classes, Feb 20-24  
19 Mon Feb 27Bayesian Networks  
20 Tue Feb 28Product-Sum Algorithms  
21 Thu Mar 2HMM Tagging with Product-Sum Algorithm P1 due
  Part V: Parsing (Syntactic Processing)
22 Mon Mar 6Syntax and Context-Free Grammars  
23 Tue Mar 7Phrase Structure Rules for English  
24 Thu Mar 9Parsing and CYK Algorithm  
L5 Fri Mar 10Lab 5: Prolog Tutorial 1  
25 Mon Mar 13Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars  
  Part IV: Semantics and Unification-based NLP
26 Tue Mar 14Semantics and Unification-based Approach to NLP  
27 Thu Mar 16DCG -- Definite Clause Grammars  
L6 Fri Mar 17 Lab 6: Prolog Tutorial 2  
28 Mon Mar 20 Classical Unification  
29 Tue Mar 21 Feature Structures  
30 Thu Mar 23Course Review 1  
L7 Fri Mar 24 Lab 7: Prolog Tutorial 3  
31 Mon Mar 27 Course Review 2  
  Part VII: Student Presentations
32 Tue Mar 28Student presentations (PT-20, PT-21, PT-22, PT-23)  
33 Thu Mar 30Student presentations (PT-16, PT-17, PT-18, PT-19)  
34 Mon Apr 3Student presentations (PT-12, PT-13, PT-14, PT-15)  
35 Tue Apr 4 Student presentations (PT-08, PT-09, PT-10, PT-11)  
36 Thu Apr 6 Student presentations (PT-04, PT-05, PT-06, PT-07)  
37 Mon Apr 10 Student presentations, Course Evaluation (PT-01, PT-02, PT-03) Report due
  ?? Apr ?Final Exam (TBA)
Final exam, 2 hours, to be announced. Exam period: Apr 12 to Apr 26 (2 hour final exam); Exams schedule URL: http://www.dal.ca/academics/exam_schedule/halifax_campus_exam_schedule.html

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