This course gives students a foundation in computer networks. It presents a top-down view of the layered architectural elements of communication systems, focusing on the Internet and TCP/IP. Topics include client/server systems, packet switching, protocol stacks, queuing theory, application protocols, reliable transports, TCP, UDP and security.

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There are three items that will make up the final grade for this course:

Academic Honesty

All work you submit must be your own. It is fine to discuss problems, but when it comes time to submit solutions, the materials you hand in must be done individually, by yourself. Any materials referenced must be attributed. All suspected instances of academic dishonesty must be reported to the Senate Discipline Committee. In particular, you should never show another student code that you have written for an assignment in this course, nor should you write code for another student to use in his/her assignment. Note that this specifically prohibits working with other students when writing the code for your assignments. As I said above, it is fine to discuss problems, but the code you submit must be your own, written by you alone. For further information regarding academic honesty at Dalhousie, please see the University plagiarism website.

Also note that all assignments and projects will be checked for plagiarism using automated software.

Late Submission Policy

Late work will be penalized 5% per day (or part thereof). You may not receive credit for work that is more than 2 days late.

Policy on Missed Tests

You will need to provide a valid doctor’s note. The weight from a missed test will go onto the exam.

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