This is a class of technical computer literacy. Students can expect to learn about computers in a general way and how computers affect the way we live and work. Students will be given an opportunity to become familiar with typical applications of software such as word processors, spreadsheets and database applications. Other topics will include the use of the internet, creation of web pages, and simple programming concepts. No previous computer experience is required.

Course Information

Course Texts


This class is open to Arts and Social Sciences and Health Education students only. This class cannot be counted towards the Bachelor of Commerce or a Minor in Business.


See the Dalhousie Intellectual Honesty handout.

Late Submission Policy

All course assessments including labs, assignments and exercises must be handed in on time by the specified due date. Work handed in late will not be considered and will be graded zero.

Grading Policy

All grades for all assessments are final and not subject to negotiation. Changes to grades will only be made when an error has been made in the addition of marks.


There are five items that will make up the final grade for this course:

Test Dates

Quiz Dates

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