Spatio-Temporal Data Mining

course given by Stan Matwin and Luis Torgo

Location: ACM SIGIR/SIGKDD Africa Summer School on Machine Learning for Data Mining and Search (AFIRM 2020) ; University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa

Editions: Jan 2020

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Course Description

With the advent of mobile devices, including IoT, and inexpensive sensors deployed in large numbers for a broad variety of systems, Spatio-Temporal Data becomes ubiquitous and Spatio-Temporal Data Mining (STDM) becomes one of the fastest growing areas of Data Science. The goal of this course is to

  • Introduce STD and its idiosyncrasies
  • Rudimentary intro to R and the R packages used in the hands-on lab
  • Hands-on exercises applying R to spatio-temporal data

This course will expose students to one of the fastest growing areas of Data Mining. In addition, it will introduce them to basic dataset (AIS) whose growing importance for ocean-related, evidence-based research, monitoring, policy design and planning in transportation, safety and security, fishing, ocean ecology and environment protection is next to none.

Luis Torgo
Luis Torgo
Canada Research Chair and Professor