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Dual Presentation Redux

This example relies on Javascript and CSS to dynamically alter the presentation of the text. But it also works if only one, or neither, of those technologies is available.

Your browser is not using CSS.

After the code snippets below is a long explanation.


There are two scripts in this example:

  1. In the head
    <script type="text/javascript" src="shrink.js"></script>
    1. dynamically alters the right margin to make room for the box
    2. uses the DOM
    3. uses a convention to convert from margin-right (in CSS terms) to marginRight (in DOM terms)
    4. refers to the non-intuitive CSS box-width computation
  2. near the end of the body
    <script type="text/javascript" src="goback.js"></script>
    1. dynamically inserts the markup code for the boxed link
    2. includes JS link type
    3. uses both the onclick and onkeypress events
    4. includes specific ids for the CSS rules to apply to

Cascading Style Sheet

The most significant part of the CSS rules is

div#DivBack {position:fixed; top:25%; right:1ex; width:12ex}

(which does not work properly in old versions of some browsers).


This example uses

JavaScript to
insert a return to previous link, and
alters the right margin of the webpage.
CSS to
format the return to previous link, and
put the text of that link in a fixed position.

Without JavaScript there is no return to previous link, but there is no distractingly large empty right margin either. With JavaScript but without CSS, the return to previous link appears as ordinary text at the bottom of the webpage. Of course we could use XHTML (e.g. <em>) to make it more prominent (and turn off the XHTML effects with CSS too) but this is just an example, not a complete, production quality webpage.

Without either JavaScript or CSS there is neither a return to previous link nor a weird margin — the webpage is completely normal and accessible. Since the use of JavaScript, CSS, or both in this combination, enhances the webpage, and the webpage is completely usable and accessible without either of those technologies, this technique is an example of what Eric Meyer calls progressive enhancement.

Note however that this specific coding method can only work with standards-compliant browsers. Browsers that improperly implement JavaScript or CSS will not display this webpage properly. Also note how the CSS has been included (using @import with media types) to stop some old browsers from trying to use the stylesheet.

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The example is based on a technique used in part of an article by David Kolb. The greeked text is courtesy of the perbang.dk website.

Extra Text To Make Webpage Long

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