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Help Fixing CGI problems on borg

Here's some advice from Chris Maxwell up in tech services:

Message-ID: <20010611193013.42018@cs.dal.ca>
Date:   Mon, 11 Jun 2001 19:30:13 -0300
Sender: Chris Maxwell <maxwell@cs.dal.ca>
From:   Chris Maxwell <maxwell@cs.dal.ca>
To:     "J. Blustein" <jamie@cs.dal.ca>
Subject: Preliminary CGI Problems

  So, here are the problems I have seen so far:

  Why does my CGI program not run?

1) Are you pointing at the right place?  It should be relative 
     "cgi-bin/myscript.cgi", or fully absolute "~username/cgi-bin/myscript.cgi"
     Do not point at "/cgi-bin/myscript.cgi" unless it truly is in 

2) Is my code broken?  Check that the interpreter at the top exists.
     Also check /var/log/apache/error_log
3) Is suexec unhappy?  Check /var/log/apache/suexec
     Maybe your script is world writable, owned by some else, you 
     have the wrong GID or UID, etc.

   Borg is the Education server, if it is not working on www (locutus), 
maybe the appropriate thing is not compiled in, different values were
used during compilation, etc.  If it is not working on WWW.cs.dal.ca, 
then try Borg, if it still doesn't work, then see if the Help Desk can find 
something else wrong.
   (On Locutus log files are:
      /opt/web/apache/logs/error_log and

  Chris Maxwell
  Unix SysAdmin, Faculty of Computer Science, 

See Also

I also recommend Tom Christiansen's list of common CGI mistakes made by Perl programmers.

11 June 2001
J. Blustein <jamie@cs.dal.ca>
Chris Maxwell gave explicit permission for this e-mail to be posted on the WWW

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