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Web-centric Computing

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System Documentation

Debugging CGI Programs

  1. For specific advice about CGI programs on our systems, see Help fixing CGI problems on borg (by Chris Maxwell).
  2. If that does not solve your problems then see Tom Christiansen's list of common CGI mistakes made by Perl programmers (many of the issues are language independent)
  3. Especially if you program in Perl then see
    1. the checklist for the basics of how to write a CGI program using that language.
    2. the the advice2.pl script in the examples subsection as an example of a simple working CGI program in Perl
    3. Die-ing on the Web (an article from The Perl Journal by brian d foy)
    4. the debugging section of the CGI.pm documentation by Lincoln Stein

03 Mar 2005
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