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Credits and Acknowledgements


I am grateful to Mark Bernstein and Kia Mennie for their helpful comments. I am solely responsible for the content of this list. Question 1.6 was included at Thomas Boutell's suggestion. The separate document listing recent changes to this document was included at Andre Deparade's suggestion.

Citations for quotations

Question 1.2

The definition of hypertext is quoted from Oxford English Dictionary Additions Series (volume 2), edited by John Simpson and Edmund Weiner. It was published in 1993 by Clarendon Press.

The quote from Ted Nelson is from page 0/2 of Literary Machines (edition 90.1) published by Mindful Press in 1990. The earliest copyright date in my copy is 1980. According to the definition of hypertext in the OED Additions series (see previous reference), he first introduced the term in 1965 at the 20th National Conference of the ACM.

Question 2.1

The description of Hyper-G and HyperWave was supplied by Keith Andrews.

The description of WebÞing was adapted from a submission by Nick Kew.

The description of Storyspace was quoted from the web page on 2 February 1997.

The description of Xanadu was quoted from Ted Nelson's opening keynote address to the Hypertext 03 Conference (in Nottingham, England) on 27 August 2003. The text accompanying the keynote may be available at the conference website.

Question 3.1

Information about BowerBird came from the 3 Dec. 1998 edition of the EASTGATE: HYPERTEXT NEWS (an e-mail list) by Mark Bernstein.

Question 3.3

The newsgroups and FAQ lists in the Usenet section come from the what's happening column in interactions vol. I no. 4 (Oct. 1994) by Gary Perlman.

Question 4.1 (about Usenet)

was taken from an almost identical question in the alt.backrubs FAQ list (with the author's permission).

Question 4.3 (about mailing lists)

The description of the HYPER-THEORY list is taken from an announcement about the list posted by Art Pollard to alt.hypertext, comp.infosystems.hyperg, comp.infosystems, comp.infosystems.harvest, and comp.text.sgml on 17 May 1996 with Message-ID: <DrJ6EM.Aqv@news.hawaii.edu>.

The description of the HT_LIT list was taken from the entry in PAML (see question 4.3) and updated by Kia Mennie.

The description of EJournal was quoted from the 2 February 1997 version of the EJournal homepage.

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