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List of Recent Changes

This document is a list of the most recent and significant changes to the alt.hypertext FAQ list. Changes are listed by date and question number.

I welcome all constructive criticism (and compliments). Please send them by e-mail to <jamie@csd.uwo.ca>. Do not send me junk mail!

20 September 2006
Added information about Emanuel Goldberg (and a link) to question 1.5 (about history).
25 August 2006
Added link to extended definition of hypertext etc.
04 May 2003
Fixed broken citation links and a typo
08 May 2002
Included the Open Directory Project in question 3.1
Updated the reference to WebÞing (question 2.1)
Included subjects in the mailto links
Marked-up acronyms and abbreviations
Corrected some typos
(Changes increased file size by about 4Kb)
17 May 2001
Split the acknowledgements and thanks section into a separate file (reduced overall size by about 5Kb)
Changed the URL from http://www.csd.uwo.ca/~jamie/hypertext-faq.html to http://www.csd.uwo.ca/~jamie/hypertext/faq/
16 May 2001
Converted from HTML 3.2 to XTHML 1.0 with help from Dave Ragget's HTML Tidy.
Updated question 5.1-B about which standards the document complies with.
Included Dublin Core metadata.
As I feared all of this added about 8Kb to the length of the file. The previous version is at <URL:OLD_faq.html>
20 March 2001
Included question 4.4 about related conferences.
Changed title of question 4.3 to be about `the newgroup' rather than `this group'
11 December 2000
Updated URL for Michael Hoffman's Rapid Navigation in Online Documents (question 4.2).
13 September 2000
Removed references to mirror of FAQ at BGSU.
12 June 2000
Included references to Electronic Literature Organization website in some questions about hypertext systems (question 2.1) and mailing lists (question 4.3).
Revamped answer about standards to show that HyTime is mostly outdated by XML (question 2.2).
Updated description of Storyspace in question 2.1.
Removed reference to Hypertext 2000 conference in question 1.6c
08 Mar 2000
Included references to ATW and Michael Hoffman's Rapid Navigation websites in question 4.2.
01 Sept 1999
Included reference to HT 2000 conference in question 1.6c.
Put a copy of the list at BGSU (in Ohio, USA)
12 Dec 1998
I updated the XML URL in question 2.2.
I included a link to BowerBird from question 3.1.
6 May 1998
I updated the HyTime URL in question 2.2.
1 May 1998
I finally included a link to XML material in the standards section (question 2.2).
Included a link to Augment portion of the Bootstrap Institute's WWW presence in the historical landmarks section (question 1.5).
27 Jan 1998
Question 2.1: Updated the link to WebÞing.
Question 1.4: Changed the title of from `Where are collections of articles about specific topics?' to `Where are collections of postings about specific topics?' to make its meaning clearer. Question 3.1 includes a list of hypertext/hypermedia resources.
Included this list of changes (and a few links to it).
Question 3.1:
Removed the following HTML comments to speed up file loading:
From near the start of the file
   For document colour info see:                                          
     HypertextNOW article _Hypertext Now 4: Showing Links_                
       URL: http://www.eastgate.com/HypertextNow/archives/ShowingLinks.html
     The Browser Safe Color Palette by Lynda Weinman                      
       URL: http://www.lynda.com/hex.html                             
   After reading the article I was going to use 
      BGCOLOR ="#cccccc"   TEXT  = "#000000"   
      LINK    ="#000066"   VLINK = "#660066"
      ALINK   ="#cc0036" 
   because they are more subdued variations of the the standard colours
   and all appear in the `safe' palette but I had so much trouble getting
   them to appear as I intended (even on a colour monitor) that I gave up.
From just within the list of questions for section 1:
  <!-- Can't use MENU here because MENU can't contain DIR and DIR (COMPACT) --
    -- is the most sensible way to present submenus.  It's disappointing    --
    -- that more browsers don't present DIR and DL COMPACT right.  Come to  --
    -- think of it I don't know any browser that doesn't present MENU and   --
    -- UL exactly the same.  That's life on the WWW I guess :-[             -->
From near the images at the bottom of the file:
           Wot?  No WIDTH or HEIGHT!  Netscape (and perhaps even better
           browsers) do not handle ALT attributes properly when WIDTH and
           HEIGHT are present.  This document contains only two images, and
           each are in Ps of their own, so there should be no adverse affect
           on loading.
11 Jan 1998
Updated the link to Microcosm in question 2.1.
04 Mar 1999

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