Scholarly Resources for CompSci Undergrads

C Programming Language

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This document is a flat index of all the HTML files I have about C that I've put together for undergrads at UWO. I have information about other related topics too in my Scholarly Resources for CompSci Undergrads document.

If you want to learn C
Advice I would give to someone who wanted to learn to program in C.
Notes about gcc
some advice for C programmers using the GNU C compiler
In Some Useful Technical Books
a list of books specifically about C (amongst other great books)
Versions of the New Testament Errata List
lists of corrections to various printings of the second edition of Kernighan and Ritchie's The C Programming Language
Annotations on K&R II
many notes and clarifications to help you when reading the second edition of Kernighan and Ritchie's The C Programming Language
How To Debug C
Slide Versions: PostScript® and HTML overheads for a lecture I gave about debugging C programs in 1994
Note Versions: PostScript®, PDF and HTML notes to accompany a similar lecture from 1999
In Debugging Tips
some advice specifically for C programmers
Frequent Mistakes in C Programs
List of common mistakes made by undergrad programmers at UWO. Based on a list of marking codes used in the CompSci department.
An Example of Data Encapsulation in C
a work-in-progress about how you can program in C

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