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C Programming Language: Annotations on K&R II

List of Tables in K&R II (HTML table version)

Topic Section Page

Character Constants in §A2.5.2 p. 193
Complete set of escape sequences in §2.3 p. 38
Trigraph sequences in §A12.1 p. 229
Precedence and Associativity of Operators Table 2-1 p. 53
Note: see also correction below
printf Conversion in §7.2 pp. 153 - 5
Basic Conversions Table 7-1 p. 154
Examples of string precision in §7.2 p. 154
Formatted Output (section) in §B1.2 pp. 243 - 5
All Conversions Table B-1 p. 244
Note: see also correction below
scanf Conversions in §7.4 pp. 157 - 9
Basic Conversions Table 7-2 p. 158
Formatted Input (section) in §B1.3 pp. 245 - 6
All Conversions Table B-2 p. 246
Predefined Names in §A12.10 p. 233
Implementation Defined Limits in §B11 pp. 257 - 8

Additional Notes

Correction to Table 2-1 (p. 53)

From the errata lists: `Note under the table should say & as well as + - * has higher precedence as a unary operator.'

Note about Table B-1 (p. 244)

From a discussion in comp.lang.c: The arguments corresponding to %x or %X must be unsigned.

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