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J. Blustein's Homepage at UWO

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Spotlight: alt.hypertext FAQ list
Answers to the most frequently asked questions in the newsgroup, archives of previous discussions, references to more hypertext material, etc.
Also: my other noteworthy webpages

Scholarly Resources:
Two overlapping parts: hypertext research and resources for students (more detailed descriptions follow)
Hypertext Research:
References about hypertext. My PhD thesis (about using hypertext for journal articles).
Resources for Students:
References for my courses and advice for compsci undergrads. Suggested readings about programming, writing, and C.
Bookmark Index:
You might find something useful or interesting in one of my lists of other useful web documents.
Citations with abstracts, and program code. See also my thesis in brief.
Off-line Activities:
Books to read, radio plays to listen to, etc.
Personal Information:
Just who is J. Blustein anyway?
By the way, J. Blustein's homepage at Dalhousie is more current (but less personal) than anything here.
How to contact J. Blustein.

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