About J. Blustein's Homepage

[Image: Web Access Symbol (for people with disabilities)]The homepage is formatted as a list. There are 8 main categories of information available from it. The categories are themselves links to other documents, some of which are also lists. Following the name of each category is its description. Some descriptions also include links to a few of the documents in the category.

The eight categories are:

  1. the spotlight (one of my most noteworthy pages)
  2. scholarly resources about hypertext
  3. resources for students
  4. my old bookmark index
  5. an outdated list of my publications with links to code and so on
  6. recommended off-line activities
  7. some information about me as a person, and
  8. my address

Please tell me if you find any of the links confusing. My postal address is available from the address section of the homepage, or you can send me e-mail.

I hope the other documents available through the links on the homepage are more interesting than the homepage itself!

(This link is to the homepage.)