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The announcements are arranged in order by time. Announcements for the most recent weeks appear first. At the end is information about this webpage.

You may jump to any of these months: January, February, March, or April.


02 April
  1. Submission instructions for assignment 4 posted (in assignment area)
  2. Reminders:
    1. Review session today (bring your sample exam questions!)
    2. No class on Wednesday 04 April


21 March
09 March
  1. Daylight Savings time begins on Sunday (11 March)
  2. Andrew Dillon's Killam Lecture will be on Friday (16 March) at 4p.m. in the Management Building's Potter Auditorium
  3. The handout for the Web Graph lecture (including images) is online
  4. There will be a quiz on Wednesday
02 March
2p.m., Weldon Law Building room 105
Organizational transformation through business intelligence solutions
A presentation from an industry leader about Web 2.0


15 February
Sample midterm questions have been sent to the class mailing list. Hardcopies of the questions will be distributed in Friday's class.
07 February
05 February


31 January
19 Jan.
Assignment #2 (the calendar):
10 Jan.
08 Jan.
05 Jan.
  1. Assignment One and Assignment Two were distributed in class today
  2. Due date for Assignment Two is 19 Jan.
  3. Tutorials (on some Monday evenings) will be in Teaching Lab #2 in the FCS Bldg.


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