DalCode — Dalhousie Programming Contest
for High-School and Junior-High Students

Dalhousie Programming Contest for High-school and Junior-high students (DalCode) is designed to provide a computer programming challenge for high-school and junior high-school students. The contest is open to students of younger age as well. In addition to be a contest for students who already learned programming in class or independently, it is an educational contest, aimed at helping any interested students to learn programming through a sequence of exercises of increasing difficulty.

There is no cost to participate.

The contest consists of two phases. In the first phase, some practice problems are posted on-line and the students submit solutions electronically. The solutions are judged, and the results sent to the participants. The second phase is an on-site competition, held at the Dalhousie University.

DalCode 2020 on-site competition, planned for Saturday, Apr 18, 2020, is canceled due to COVID-19.

Send comments or questions about the contest to Vlado Keselj <vlado@dnlp.ca>.