Neurocomputing: Fundamentals of Computational Neuroscience

Instructors: Dr. Thomas Trappenberg
Course Website:
McCain Arts & Soc.S 2017 2:35 pm-3:55 pm

Homework assignments


Reading List:
A Study on Basin of Attraction of Associative Memory
The Basins of Attraction of a new Hopfield Learning Rule (1999)
Introduction to Neural Networks (1998)
Associative Data Storage and Retrieval in Neural Networks (1995)
On the Storage Capacity of nonlinear Neural Networks (1995)
Attractors In Recurrent Behavior Networks (1997)
Increasing the capacity of a Hopfield network without sacrificing functionality (1997)
Basin of Attraction of Associative Memory as it is Evolved by a Genetic Algorithm (1996)
The Capacity and Attractor Basins of Associative Memory Models (1999)