Zheyuan Yu
Dalhousie University
Faculty of Computer Science
Email: jerryy@gmail.com
WWW: http://www.cs.dal.ca/~zyu/
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  • Starting from September 2002, Zheyuan Yu has been a first year Master student in the Computer Sciences Department, Dalhousie University.

  • My supervisors are Professor Evangelos E. Milios and Vlado Keselj. My research interests are Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, and current focus is on Information Extraction.

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    # Course Instructor Term My course web page
    CSCI6509 Natural Language Processing Vlado Keselj Fall 2003 Audit
    CSCI6702 Parallel Computing Andrew Rau-Chaplin Summer 2003 Project Web Page
    CSCI6704 Adv Top Computer Networks Sampalli Srinivas Winter2002 My Course Web Page
    CSCI6405 Data Mining & Data Warehousing Vlado Keselj Winter2002 Course Web Page, Project, Presentation
    CSCI6403 Adv Top Information Retrieval Carolyn R. Watters Winter2002 Presentation,Search Enginge Project, Source Code, Course Web Page
    CSCI6101 Adv Topics Analysis Algorithms 2/Network Reliability Jason I. Brown Fall 2002 My Course Web Page
    CSCI6508 Fundamentals of Computational Neuroscience Thomas Trappenberg Fall 2002 My Course Web Page
    CSCI6505 Machine Learning Milios E. Fall 2002 My Course Web Page ( Audit )
    CSCI3132 Object Oriented Programming Arthur Sedgwick Fall 2002 My Course Web Page ( Audit )


    Gang Wei  Yingbo Miao   Ning Wang


    My Codes

  • Tiny ngrams A package in C++ for character or word ngram analysis. It uses Ternary Search Tree instead of hashing table for faster ngram frequency counting. Words are converted to unique IDs and encoded to more compact base 256 integers. It is a partial implementation of Dr. Vlado Keselj 's Text-Ngrams 1.6, which is a very flexible Ngram package in perl.
    Source Code
  • Ternary Search Trees: A C++ package that implements ternary search tree, which combines the time efficiency of digital tries with the space efficiency of binary search trees. It it is reported comparable with hashing table in most cases, and substantially faster than hashing for unsuccessful searches.
    Source Code

    Last update: Jun 28, 2010