Sentiment Analysis in Practice - an ICDM2011 tutorial

Vancouver, BC, Canada, December 12, 2011
Yongzheng (Tiger) Zhang, eBay Research Labs
Dan Shen,
Catherine Baudin, eBay Research Labs

Sentiment Analysis, also known as Opinion Mining, is the computational study of sentiments and opinions expressed in unstructured text documents. With the explosion of user-generated content on the Web (e.g. blogs, social media, product reviews, and online news articles), it is critical to accurately extract and interpret such sentiments in order to facilitate critical business processes such as customer support and satisfaction, brand and reputation management, product design and marketing. In this tutorial, we will focus on essential components of a sentiment analysis system, including sentiment identification, sentiment classification, opinion summarization, and opinion search and retrieval. We will illustrate popular academic approaches to sentiment analysis and commercial systems and tools. We will also showcase two sentiment analysis systems built in eBay Research Labs to illustrate how to build a practical sentiment analysis system end to end using product reviews as an example.

The tutorial will be three hours long and is scenario-driven with lots of real examples. In each case, we will discuss the concept, the motivation behind it, and the solutions with real examples. This tutorial is aimed at researchers, practitioners, and graduate students. We expect the audience to have a computer science background or equivalent. Participants will learn not only state-of-the-art academic approaches to sentiment analysis but also practical systems and tools.


We are very thankful to Professor Bing Liu for his book chapter Sentiment Analysis and Subjectivity, in Handbook of Natural Language Processing, 2nd Edition (editors: N. Indurkhya and F. J. Damerau), 2010. Many of the contents covered in this tutorial are based on materials in this chapter. We are also thankful to other authors whose research was introduced in our tutorial. Details can be found in the tutorial slides.

You can download the slides here.

Feedback from attendees

We had a beautiful sunny day in the usually rainy chilly winter in Vancouver :-) And we had a full house of 60 attendees coming from more than 10 countries and majority of them stayed for the full 3 hours. We really appreciated the great support! We are glad to see the overall opinion on our tutorial is positive, an average score of 8.75 out of 10 :-) The encouragements and suggestions are so valuable for future improvements. While more deeper sentiment analysis of the feedback in on the way, here are some excerpts from the attendees:

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