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Web Information Filtering Lab

The focus of the research in the WIFlab is the investigation of filtering techniques in the context of the web. This includes algorithms and evaluations of searching, use of user profiles, ranking, collaboration, support for task sessions, and display techniques for small screens. Integral to this research is usability testing of the techniques with human subjects.

The big question is What can we do to help users get information from the web that is useful to them?

Upcoming Talks

Date:Friday, January 29, 2010
Time:3:30 - 4:30
Place:Goldberg Computer Science Building, Dean's Board Room (Room 103)
Speaker:    Anwar Alhenshiri
Title:Investigating the Effectiveness in Searching the Web forInformation Gathering

SUN Awards Academic Equipment Grant

We would like to thank Sun Microsystems Canada for their recent awarding of an Academic Equipment Grant to Drs. Shepherd, Watters and Milios to support their research program entitled, "Next Generation e-Learning: The Web as Primary Knowledge Resource." The grant is worth $227,320 and includes a Sun Fire V880 server and three Sun Fire 280R servers as well as other equipment.

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