Workshop on Games in Health

July 20 (9-2:30), 21 (10-4)

Faculty of Computer Science

GINIus Demo Room, 4th Floor

As part of the SAGE Games and Simulation project in CS at Dalhousie we are hosting a short workshop on July 20 and 21st. We have two invited guests from University of Manitoba, Dr. Roberta Woodgate (Nursing and Pediatrics) and Dr. Pourang Irani (Computer Science) who both are working on developing games for children coping with cancer.


Michael Power (Education, Teleuniveristy of Quebec) SAGEs (Simulation and Advanced Gaming Environments) For Health

Roberta Woodgate (Nursing, University of Manitoba) A Computer Video-Game for Self-Assessment of Meaning-Centred Symptom Experiences by Children with Cancer


Pourang Irani (Computer Science, University of Manitoba) Interaction Techniques for Health

Thursday will highlight the work done by the SAGE group at Dalhousie and then concentrate on working on ideas for feeling state game for Manitoba.

This is an informal workshop to which everyone is welcome. We would be happy to provide time for additional presentations from interested participants.

Anyone interested should contact either Carolyn Watters ( or David Langstroth ( so that we can reserve an appropriate size room and let us know if you want to make a presentation.

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