Publications etc on Games for Health Project

This work is part of SAGE an ongoing national level project to investigate the potential use of games and simulations in health funded by mainly by SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada), with some help from CHIR (Medical) and NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering) Funding agencies as well.

The Dalhousie SAGE group also works with Roberta Woodgate and Irani Pourang on building a game reflecting feeling states for children with cancer.


Some of these are not available in the appropriate digital library yet and so my last version is given for these. Please try to find the actual official version if you are referencing them!

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Sage demo Slides from meeting in Vancouver June 2005.

Other Reports

Round Table Presentation. C.Watters et al Digra Conference,2005. Abstract available at Building classes of entertaining games for health education Proceedings of the 2005 digital games research association conference

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