HICSS’40 Digital DocumentTrack
New MiniTrack for 2007

Search Effectiveness: User Perspective

The goal of this MiniTrack is to bring the users of the Web into focus by bringing together researchers, developers, and information managers to discuss both how to measure effectiveness of Web searching from the user perspective and how to use this information to build better systems.

This MiniTrack will cover the effectiveness of search tools for users seeking information on the Web, where the data set is extremely large and heterogeneous with respect to content, structure, and quality. This brings into the discussion, considerations of the impact that design choices in the design and development of new Web systems and tools have on Web users.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
User-based Web search engines effectiveness measures including relevance, utility and usefulness

The Search Effectiveness: User Perspective MiniTrack will be a multi-disciplinary forum for considering the concepts of effectiveness of Web searching from the users’ perspective. The MiniTrack will be a combination of presentations and discussions of theoretical foundations, evaluation measures, methodologies, case studies and user study results.


Contact Information

Dr. Carolyn Watters
Professor of Computer Science
Faculty of Computer Science
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia


Dr. Amanda Spink
Professor of Information
Faculty of Information Technology
Queensland University of Technology
Brisbane, Queensland

More Information after February 1, 2006