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Master of Digital Innovation (Director's Page)

Vlado Keselj, Director of Digital Innovation

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The purpose of this page is to provide some information on the MDI program (Master of Digital Innovation program), in addition to the official pages provided at this URL (https://www.dal.ca/academics/programs/graduate/digital-innovation.html).

Many of us are very excited about the launch of this program in September 2020, at the time when due to the COVID-19 emergency situation we only see acceleration in the general trend of Digital Transformation of the society at the global level. All applicants to the program should also select a specialization certificate in the one of the areas: Digital Business or Health Informatics.

MDI Curriculum: is described at this page.
In the first term, the students take two foundation courses, which provide necessary background for the certificate, and are decided from the following group of courses:
DGIN 5100 Foundations in Web Technologies
DGIN 5200 Foundations in Business
DGIN 5300 Law, Policy, and Ethics in Emerging Technologies
DGIN 5300 Statistics for Health Informatics
In addition to these two foundation courses, the students take one more elective course, which is typically a core certificate course.

In the second term, the students take the core MDI course:
DGIN 5201 Digital Transformation
and two elective courses.

In the third term, the students will take an industry internship, or work on their thesis, if they decide to go with the thesis option.

In the fourth term, the students should take either
DGIN 5001 Capstone in Digital Innovation (internship students), or
DGIN 5002 Research methods (thesis students)
and two elective courses.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to send an email to the Computer Science Graduate office at graduate@cs.dal.ca, or to myself at vlado@dnlp.ca.

Regards, Vlado Keselj

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