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MEC Research Paper (ECMM 7030)

The MEC Research Paper is one of the three research options in the MEC program. It may be similar to a graduate course project but it is normally larger than a course project. For comparison, a student usually works for a year on a Master's thesis, for two terms (8 months) on a Master's project, and for one term (4 months) on a Research Paper. While a thesis requires a defence at the end with the supervisor, two readers, and a moderator on the committee, and a research project requires a presentation with the supervisor and a reader on the committee, a research paper requires that the final version is accepted by the supervisor.

The student should find a supervisor and discuss with her or him a topic for the research paper. After agreeing on the topic and scope of the paper, the student should prepare a research paper proposal, which should be a document of tentatively 5-10 pages. After the document is approved by the supervisor, the student should send it to the MEC Director (vlado@dnlp.ca) to be approved.

MEC Research Paper Proposal

The proposal should have a title page including:

The proposal should start with an abstract giving a short summary of the rest of the proposal. After the abstract, the first section should describe the research problem, explain why it is important, and how it is related to e-commerce area in a wide sense.

The next section should include description of related work, including a short literature review. The following section should include a description of proposed methodology, and finally a proposed final structure of the paper. At the end, there should be a list of references, which does not have to be very long; i.e., about five references could be sufficient for the start.

MEC Research Paper Expected Content

A research paper must:

MEC Research Paper Final Approval

The final research paper is expected to be about 30-40 pages in length and must be approved by the supervisor. When the supervisor accepts the paper, she or he should send an email to the program director (Vlado Keselj ) and CC student with confirmation of acceptance and a copy of the final paper. The final copy is keep for the internal record of the department and not published on-line.

For a student to receive the grade Pass (P) in the research paper in a term, the supervisor's confirmation should be submitted by the last day of classes. If the paper is not completed in a term, the grade In Progress (IP) is entered and the student is expected to continue working on the paper next term and register for the research paper class in the next term.


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