Dalhousie University    [  CSCI 6405 / ECMM 6014 - http://www.cs.dal.ca/~vlado/2003/csci6405/   ]
Winter 2003 (Jan-Apr)
Faculty of Computer Science
Dalhousie University
Instructor: Vlado Keselj

CSCI 6405 / ECMM 6014 - Course Project

Project can be done individually or in groups up to four students. Project presentations are done individually (groups should break up their presentation into parts).

CSCI 6405 students can choose to do one of the two kinds of projects:

ECMM 6014 students can choose to do one of the four kinds of projects:


Project presentation:
each student is expected to give a short project presentation.
Project report:
Submit a hard copy of your report. Do not go over 30 pages.
If you are doing Implementation-based project or Theoretical project, submit your code and data using the command submit on the machine borg. Make sure that you code works on this machine.

Implementation-based project

Implement a DM algorithm, such as association rules mining, Bayesian text classification, clustering, characterization, etc. Properly document and test your code. Write a report giving user, design, and testing documentation. Describe relevant work and background research, the algorithm, references, limitations, and possible improvements to to program.

Theoretical project

Do a research on a theoretical problem and write a report in a style of a scientific paper. Present background work and discuss your method. You will likely have to design, implement, and perform one or more experiments to test your approach. Discuss your results. What are the conclusions?

Application project

Solve a real world problem using a DM package.

Find a real world application (database), develop an application model by analyzing the business information process, and translate the model into data mining tasks.

Choose a DM package to use, such as DBMiner or Cognos.

Do necessary data preparation and apply DM tools to mine the data for useful results.

Write a report describing: the problem, preparation phase, your model and approach, the procedures used in the package, the obtained results, analysis and discussion of the results, conclusions, and possible future directions.

Survey project

Conduct a comprehensive survey of DM by searching the latest publications and other materials through the Internet and the library. The minimum number of references: 20. Some examples are given below.

The survey should clearly state domain task(s) and the main issues, introduce the solutions and make a comparison on the solutions (strength and limitations, etc), present the details of application cases), summarize lessons/conclusions, etc.


  1. URLs listed in Assignment 1
  2. http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/cs, library of scientific literature
  3. Computing Research Repository
  4. Machine Learning Repository